NetWise Captivate

NetWise Captivate

Smith Micro Software, Inc.


The NetWise Captivate™ mobile insights & engagement platform is the only mobile marketing solution that uses carrier-grade embedded software to deliver personalized mobile engagement. Powered by an on-device expert system that enables sophisticate mobile interactions and an extensible management platform that provides the flexibility each business requires, NetWise Captivate empowers retailers to deliver more with mobile.

More so than ever before, brand differentiation comes down to customer experience. Using the power and intimacy enabled by mobile engagement, retailers can deliver memorable customer experiences the strive for IF... the engagement is relevant and valuable. Unfortunately, this has frequently not been the case with mobile engagement. More often than not, customers view mobile engagement as intrusive and/or irrelevant, which damages their experience and overall affinity for your brand. Adding context-rich engagement logic to your mobile app enables retailers to overcome these common challenges by delivering valuable mobile interactions at the right place and the right time.


  • Context-rich engagement logic - By integrating NetWise Captivate into their mobile app, retailers gain sophisticated on-device engagement logic that detects real-time context (via engagement "triggers") using the sensors, operating system hooks, and apps available on mobile devices.
  • "Intelligent" Management Dashboard - NetWise Captivate's cloud-based management dashboard enables complete control of engagement rules and triggers, providing retailers with the flexibility and granularity to update mobile engagement scenarios down to the device-level.
  • First-mover advantage - NetWise Captivate promotes rapid deployment with easy app integration, modular "rule" creation, extensive "out-of-the-box" functionality, and auto-discovery of device-specific parameters.

About the Company

Smith Micro provides software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. As a leader in wireless connectivity, our applications ensure high quality of service for mobile users while optimizing networks for wireless service providers and enterprises. Using our intelligent device software, along with premium voice, video and messaging applications, we create new opportunities to engage consumers and monetize mobile services. In addition to wireless solutions, Smith Micro develops 2D/3D graphics software used by professional artists, animators, illustrators, and designers worldwide.

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