Customize The Neurala Brain to perceive and navigate your world by using low-cost sensors. Our hardware-agnostic, deep learning neural network software mimics the ability of the human brain to learn, recognize, find, and track objects. 


  • Teach The Neurala Brain to recognize the concepts and objects that are important to your business.
  • Assemble your own images and videos, label the objects of interest using our easy-to-use TagMe tool, upload the results to Neurala, and we build your Neurala Brain. 
    • Assemble your images and videos
    • Label the contents with the TagMe tool
    • Neurala customizes The Neurala Brain 


  • All you need is a PC, mouse and keyboard to start building your Neurala Brain. Draw boxes around the objects of interest and then give the item a name. Build a category by giving several objects the same name. With incremental learning, additional examples can be added quickly and easily to update or improve categories. 


Neurala Brain Net scans your videos and images using the Neurala Brain created with the Brain Builder. You will be able to quickly identify and locate the objects and concepts that are important to your business. 


  • Neurala Brain Net is ideal for inspections and for establishing ground truth when the need for precision is more important than real-time processing.  


  • Neurala BrainNet uses more powerful GPU processors than can be embedded into most platforms to provide a more detailed data analysis. It not only recognizes the objects and concepts that were taught to The Neurala Brain, it extrapolates from that knowledge to identify similar objects that have never been seen before.
  • The result is that you see the classification, on-screen location and probability score for multiple objects in the same image or video. You can process dozens of objects and categories and each can have multiple occurrences.


Neurala’s difference is in our DNA. Our first project for NASA was to design AI for autonomous planetary exploration. Supercomputers, GPS, active sensors, and Cloud were not an option. Essentially, we were asked to build AI that can run anywhere.

To do that, we created The Neurala Brain, a highly efficient software which is based on the way brains work in nature. Today’s Neurala Brain builds upon that effort to enable industry-leading performance on devices with low-cost sensors and processors. 

  • Real-Time Machine Learning and Visual Tracking 
  • Collision Avoidance in Drones 
  • Neurala Follow Autonomous Robot Control 
  • Object Recognition and Classification 

Neurala's deep learning neural networks technology uses a proprietary set of algorithms to emulate, in software, the way biological brains control sensing, cognitive processing, spatial awareness, navigation, and motor control. A cornerstone of Neurala’s IP is a patent centered on running Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Networks on Graphic Processing Units, or GPUs (US8,648,867, "Graphic Processor Based Accelerator System and Method") with priority date of 2006. Thanks to our patented and patent-pending implementations, our algorithms can concurrently run in real-time, as a software-only solution.​ 

Real-time “what and where”

  • A product with The Neurala Brain and the Brains For Bots™ SDK can find and recognize objects and concepts in real-time.
    • Drones can act while in flight. Cars can know what is nearby. Security systems can identify threats. Toys can interact with their owners.

Local processing

  • The Neurala Brain and Brains For Bots™ software can run on the device (local or “at the edge”). Internet access is not required.
    • Products can act without waiting for a response delayed by Internet routing. Privacy can be maintained.

High definition processing

  • The Neurala Brain and Brains For Bots™ Hosted provide additional processing power for more detailed analyses.
    • Videos from inspections and for ground truthing can be given extra attention for even better accuracy.

Fast pre-training

  • The Neurala Brain can learn objects and concepts with a handful of examples.
    • Get started quickly. Products can ship to end-users with knowledge built-in.

Incremental "on-the-fly" learning

  • The Neurala Brain can be updated in real-time with new information and without re-creating from scratch.
    • End users can customize The Neurala Brain for their specific needs.


  • The Brains For Bots™ software runs on ARM, Intel and NVIDIA processors ranging from SBCs to servers.
    • Developers can select the hardware that is best for the product. Applications can be written once and used everywhere.

Easy-to-use SDK

  • The Brains For Bots™ SDK contains an easy-to-use set of C ++ APls, sample code and documentation. Android and iOS wrappers simplify mobile development.
    • Applications can be written and deployed quickly without the need to know how to build deep learning neural networks.

About the Company

Neurala is the company behind The Neurala Brain—deep learning neural network software that makes smart products like cameras, robots, drones, toys and self-driving cars more autonomous and useful.

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