Night Covers

Night Covers



Retailers who simply cannot afford to restrict access to merchandise or afford glass doors, find that night covers are more affordable and effective in reducing energy consumption and improving product freshness and appearance. This is especially the case for produce cases, high traffic areas and island freezer cases.

Commonly referred to as "night blinds" or "night curtains," night covers provide an economical way to shield refrigeration cases and protect perishables foods inside from ambient store heat and light. Simple to install and easy to use, ECONOFROST night curtains are the preferred night cover among major leading retailers.


  • Cost of ownership.
  • Energy saving.
  • Lower operating cost.

About the Company

Promolux LED is the LED Division of Promolux Lighting. A brand of Market Group Ventures, Promolux was established in 1982 and supplies specialized food and non-food merchandising lighting to the retail industry worldwide.

Using the same legendary color spectrum as Promolux fluorescents, Promolux LEDs are twice as bright, use half as much energy and are guaranteed 5 years. They are available in a wide variety of types and sizes, have superior thermal management ensuring lower surface temperatures (ideal for fresh food display) and longer life.

Promolux is also actively engaged in custom LED development and manufacturing and has to-date developed LEDs for major retailers across the nation – in supermarket industry as well as other industries.

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