Octopus™ Retail POS - A Comprehensive Retail Management Solution

Complete, easy-to-use, stand-alone POS solution specially designed for small and medium scale retail businesses such as clothing stores, electronic/ computer stores, pharmacies/drug stores and almost any other retail stores. Integrates perfectly with your desktop, laptops or mobile devices. 

Octopus™ Food POS - A "Smart" Cafe-Experience Octopus™ Food POS is an ideal choice for F&B outlets.

Connecting the Point-of-Sales device with the rest of your other devices – OctoWaiter, OctoMenu and self-service kiosk seamlessly, Octopus™ Food POS provides a modern seamless concept and high efficiency for your F&B operations.

Add-ons and Companion Apps:

  • Octopus™& E-Commerce replicates your offline business into online business literally in minutes. Armed with a powerful management interface, Octopus™ E-Commerce allows users to manage their own virtual stores easily, including management of images, setting up promotion activities and monitoring of your inventory and customers from an integrated standpoint.
  • Octopus™ Mobile POS - A complete all-in-one product, excellent for retailers and consumer merchants alike. Suitable for outdoor sales staff & POS is now even more compact for your phone. Octopus™ Mobile POS is a complete all-in-one solution that is ideal for retailers and consumer merchants alike.
  • Octopus™ Jobsheet; Create jobsheets and service forms – fully user definable and integrated with Octopus™ POS.  Octopus™ Jobsheet is an extension of Octopus™ POS that allows user to create their own jobsheets. The app is ideal for user who want to create service form or customers filling form. It is fully integrated with Octopus™ POS so that user can track their customer information and inventory.
  • Octopus™ Catalogue - Create a catalog of products on the iPad for easy viewing, browsing and management. Octopus™ Catalog is an extension of Octopus™ POS that allows user to easily create their own catalogs. This app is ideal for users who want to professionally showcase their products to the customer. It is fully integrated with Octopus™ POS so that the business owner can track the inventory and sales modules.
  • Octopus™ Count - A simple stock taking product that allows the user to do a stock count of their inventory, and upload the file or email the stock count file out for internal processing. 
  • Octopus™ Dashboard - Providing business owners with key performance index - sales reports, customer analysis, product trends etc. Octopus™ Admin Dashboard gives the business owners their key performance indexes - whether it is their sales revenue, best sellers or what colour sells best in which season. With Octopus™ Admin Dashboard, business owners have the pulse of their business at their fingertips.


Whether you are in a brick-and-mortar business empire or developing your online retail kingdom, our patented and proprietary Octopus™ Retail Management System enables the seamless connection of point-of-sales systems and other core business operating systems to provide meaningful information for you to improve your business growth and productivity with just the click of a button. 


  • Operates over a network
  • Stores data and transaction on a hosted server
  • Accessibility to your business from any device at any time

Low starting, pay-as-you-go investment 


  • Operates independently on a preferred device
  • Stores data and transaction on a local device
  • Accessibility to your business is limited to the particular device
  • One-time investment 

Best value for your investment

Affordable one-time fee 
* applicable to standalone versions

Low starting price that includes sophisticated functions, free updates and online support 
** applicable to cloud based versions 

​​​​Deliver results that matters for your business

Real time reporting.

Access to sales report, performance data and be updated with how well your business is doing.

Instant updates.

Make changes to your products and get updated across the multiple connecting devices instantly. 

Robust, scalable and future proof

Understand your business with business growth in mind.

Integrating new technologies to prepare your business for future expansion. Supports multilingual, multi tax rate, multi currency, cloud based storage, online transaction and mobile payment. 

Beautiful interface packed with powerful features

Fast setup, flexible customisation, easy to use, clean and straightforward layout, ready to go. 

Makes life easy and get your business started instantly. Sophisticated functions allow simple business management and easy adaptation throughout the ever-changing business environment. 

Seamless interaction and integration

Works great alone. Works even better with other devices and hardware.

Facilitates seamless cross-platform and cross-devices interaction allowing you to move from one business environment to another. Pair Octopus POS with our stylish and ergonomic hardware. 

Putting your business on Cloud

  • Accessibility. Login to your business from any corner of the world.
  • Peace of mind. Run your business online or offline. Works perfectly offline when the connection fails you. Auto synchronise with your database once the connection is re-established.
  • Secure. Your data is in safe hands, protected against hardware failure and theft.

About the Company

Octopus™ is a new generation omni-channel retail solution, which provides a holistic experience for your business. We provide a robust and scalable suite of retail management system that understands your business. Octopus has a user-friendly interface packed with sophisticated features, which gives you control and management over your business.

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