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Actionable insights – not just data. That’s our promise to you. Our weekly reports let you know what’s working and what’s not, so that you can focus on maximizing your online growth instead of sorting through the data. Amazon Dashboard includes:

  • Sales & Share
  • Price Track
  • Time Period Comparison
  • In-Stock Operations
  • Top MoversTraffic & Conversion
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Replenishment Code Changes
  • Amazon System Glitches
  • Business Scorecards 


Our proprietary algorithm can estimate sales more accurately than anyone in the market. With the Amazon Weekly Dashboard, you can:

  • Measure category/competitive share
  • Identify sales trends
  • Analyze category strengths/weakness and competitive opportunities/threats
  • Benchmark vs. competition
  • Properly capitalize the business based on complete category comparison
  • Know if you’re truly growing or merely riding a wave of internet acceleration. 


Know what works, quickly and automatically. We track virtually all on-site promotions for Amazon – from coupons to Lightning Deals, for you and your competition. Promo Track provides you with key metrics on your promotions so you can:

  • Measure your own promotional sales lift
  • Measure competitive promotional sales lift
  • Optimize the frequency, discount level and timing of your promotions
  • Know what promotion types are most successful
  • Analyze most effective discount levels 


Is 3rd Party an issue for you? We know and can tell you every week! Our data lets you measure the impact of arbitrage (dollars and percentages) from 3rd party merchants. You can:

  • Measure your complete weekly sales for 1P, Distribution, and 3P sales per category, brand, or SKU
  • Identify Lost Buy Box (LBB) problems
  • Assess product portfolio opportunities
  • Pinpoint and track what products are being sold
  • Address non-authorized 3P Sellers 


Understand your Amazon traffic in a way you never have before. Traffic Track matches your custom catalog with your brick & mortar tracking, so that you can easily visualize your SKU-level traffic and conversion. Optimize your marketing efforts in a way that makes sense to your business. Using Traffic Track enables you to:

  • Match your marketing plan to your product needs
  • Understand which of your efforts are leading to page views
  • Test your content and detail pages using conversion
  • Know where to invest your marketing budget, AMS or AMG 


Over 90% of purchases on Amazon begin with Search. With eComm SEO, we help you rise to the top. Optimized for, we help you identify the key search phrases used by consumers, based on sales impact. Our specific recommendations help you:

  • Optimize Detail Page content for search
  • Identify most critical Consumer Search Terms
  • Boost the value of your AMS search campaigns
  • Maximize little known Amazon search secrets 


Know how you perform in search vs your competition. With Search Track, you can measure weekly how your content and sales conversion impact your search rank as well as how well your competitors are performing. Our metrics include:

  • Power ranking by ASIN group
  • Top 3, First Page, and Top 2 page saturation
  • Improvements / decline by keyword
  • Top performing keywords for each SKU (and opportunity gaps) 

Know what you’re selling, where you’re selling, and who you are competing with across the entire eCommerce landscape. Our Total eComm Sales & Share gives you the data and insights to understand how you are performing versus the competition. With just One Click, you can:

  • Compare multiple retailers with accurate and consistent estimates
  • Track your key performance metrics, including: Traffic, Conversion and Sales (in units or currency).
  • Measure and slice data by Brand, Categories and Subcategories.
  • Access Trend Charts for the time periods you want to assess.
  • Access the Web Portal 24/7 for unlimited client log-in access, reports, data and charts, and API integration into your internal systems


Data + Knowledge = Power.
Our eCommerce experts have worked at the worlds largest retailers and manufacturers and can teach you how to apply the information you receive.

Topics include:

  1. How to Amazon: Fixing leaks, Driving sales
  2. Marketing & Merch: What works, what doesn’t
  3. Profitability at Amazon: Buyer’s view of your P&L, avoid CRAP out.
  4. Speak Amazonian: Who to engage, when, and for what.
  5. Strategic Vendor Services: Getting the most from the service
  6. Many more…


About the Company

One Click Retail (OCR) is a market leader in eCommerce data measurement, sales analytics and search optimization for brand manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia. Thanks to our proprietary sales calculations that are over 90% accurate down to the SKU level, OCR’s accuracy is unrivaled in the marketplace.

The OCR Product Suite provides 1st and 3rd party business intelligence across the 30 largest retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Staples and Home Depot. The world’s top brands, such as Procter & Gamble, Panasonic, Nestle, Hamilton Beach and HP, rely on OCR insights to drive sales and profitability across eCommerce.

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