Online Dating for Brands & Stores

Online Dating for Brands & Stores



What can we do for your store?

-INCREASE REVENUE by sourcing new and unique brands that will drive sales and foot traffic to your store.

-REDUCE COST through rapid inventory turnover while taking on no additional cost or inventory risk.

-IMPROVE by reducing communication overhead using our standardized tools and workflow.

What can we do for your brand?

-INCREASE SALES by placing product into quality boutiques and cross-promoting with local shops.

-ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS by reaching customers in new markets across the US

-STANDARDIZE TRANSACTIONS by using a single platform to manage pop-ups, trunk shows, consignment, & other retail campaigns.


  • Search: Signup and create your profile. Brands and boutiques can search through the community to find a match for price point and customer demographics.
  • Connect: Connect and indicate what type of retail relationship you want: product on consignment, renting space in stores, or co-hosting shopping events.
  • Collaborate: Once you find a match, use our campaign tools to select inventory, send messages, report on sales, and make payments.

About the Company

We like to think of PopInShop as a dating site. We help boutiques and brands find each other to set up alternative retail formats like trunk-shows, pop-up shops, and consignment deals. We call these campaigns “pop-ins”. 

Brands can instantly tap into national distribution through a network of independent stores. And stores get to test and try new products to keep the retail floor exciting – without any extra costs.

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