Online Farmers Markets

Online Farmers Markets



We believe you deserve to know where your food comes from. Farmigo partners receive 2 to 3 times more than farms that sell to typical supermarkets. In other words, our farmers and foodmakers are earning what their food is actually worth. The industrial food system has set a false standard, and to fix it, we all need to recognize real value — in the field and on our tables.

Good food should never go to waste. Most grocery stores lose 40% of their inventory due to expiration and spoilage. Our model yields less than 3% food waste and we don't hold much inventory to ensure you're getting the freshest food in a responsible way. Our marketplace is only open for a few days each week because we need to give our farmers and foodmakers time to harvest or make exactly what you've bought — no more, no less.

But, if we do have any extra, we donate to local food banks.

We believe the best food is sustainably made. Our food is made with whole, clean ingredients, our produce is non-GMO and grown sustainably, and our livestock, poultry, and fish are raised or caught humanely and conscientiously. All of our partners are completely transparent about their operating practices.


  • We’re on a mission to create a food system that’s better for everyone, from farmers to eaters
  • We believe that many of us are ready for an alternative way to shop, cook, and break bread with our families and friends.
  • We want to bring joy to those who savor their food and care about where it comes from, who made it, and how it got to their plate.

About the Company

Farmigo brings the farmers’ market online, connecting food communities -- such as workplaces, apartment complexes, community centers and schools -- directly to multiple local farms to provide a personalized online marketplace for fresh-from-harvest food. The Farmigo team is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of an alternative food system by delivering healthy locally grown food to households across the country.

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