Online Grocery Shopping; eCommerce Solutions

Online Grocery Shopping; eCommerce Solutions

In addition to online and mobile ordering, HometownGrocers offers a staffed call center. We reach 100% of your customers, and provide them the method of shopping your stores in the way that best suits them. Groceries: Anyone, Any time, Anywhere, Any Way.


We provide valuable products and services to retailers, not just the hype of our competitors.

We deliver genuine retailer value and true labor savings while increasing sales, not just words on a page.

We deliver a smart solution at a fair price point, not just a lot of talk about how smart our solution is.

We have everything our competitors have and much, much more.

30% of U.S. consumers are technology-averse or impaired.   We understand you still want to sell them groceries.  We do, too. We provide the tools to sell groceries to 100% or your customers.  Our competitors don’t.

Customers can buy groceries from your store using:

  • PC or MAC
  • Tablets or any other web enabled device
  • Their Smartphones
  • Our toll-free staffed call-center (that 30% of your customers we just mentioned)

You want your customers to have the same experience online as they have in your store. Again, so do we. That’s why our products will allow your customers to:

  • Pay with food stamp benefits (EBT), credit and debit cards, personal checks and gift cards
  • Build, view and order from their list of frequently purchased items or Last Order
  • Enter manufacturer coupons during current order
  • View and order from your digital circular (one of many circular formats we offer)
  • Multiple methods of easily understood navigation: images, text and brands
  • Build, modify and save their recipes and order the ingredients with a single click.
  • View nutritional information, warnings, product descriptions and manufacturer information.
  • Search for items using keyword, UPC or 24 different product attributes (gluten-free, etc.)
  • View personal savings in your current circular based on purchase history
  • Opt-in to email campaign that shows their personal savings and includes a link to your site
  • Easily access all store specials (TPRs, Manager Specials, etc.)
  • Easily continue shopping across multiple devices without losing order progress
  • Access toll-free technical support 365 days including holidays (for consumers and retailers)
  • Pay the price they see online. We maintain price integrity for the whole shopping experience.

These are some among many features and benefits available to your customers through HTG, but we didn’t stop there.

  • Loyalty program
    • We have relationships with several loyalty providers and can integrate to your system seamlessly.
    • Homegrown? No problem. We have our own loyalty program that supports six price-tiers per item per store. Percent off, dollar off, pay-with-points…however you want it to work is how we’ll set it up.
  • Promo Codes
    • Set up on demand. Want to advertise your specials? We’ll set up promo codes for you.
  • Potent Cross-Merchandising
    • With our unique cross-merchandising feature, you can hang all the digital clip-strips you want in your digital aisles.

We offer an entry level, minimum-fee solution. Start selling groceries half an hour after you sign up online.

We also have a flat-rate robust, mature solution that will provide additional sales channels and growth opportunities for years to come.’s Express Shopper, a digital dashboard, is our order fulfillment feature that was designed for individuals with limited computer knowledge, to process multiple online grocery orders easily and simultaneously. 

Express Shoppers features include:

  • Minimizing store labor by allowing store personnel to shop, bag and checkout up to ten orders at one time in the store's aisles. 
  • Reduces the total labor involved in the order fulfillment process to an average of fifteen minutes per order. 
  • Saves the labor cost of baggers and checkers by eliminating the need to check orders out through the store's point of sale equipment. 
  • Automatically updates the store’s inventory and accounting information in the store's point of sale and/or corporate systems. 
  • Design to protect against sweet-hearting
  • Integrates easily with the store's bookkeeping procedures and supports GAAP accounting disciplines. 
  • Eliminates “bait and switch pricing” by assuring full price integrity for consumers. 
  • Protects from governmental agencies that assess fines for price switching.
  • Provides complete order information to customers.  If an item is substituted or is out of stock, notes are printed on the customer's receipt informing the customer what has occurred with the item. 
  • Notes on the customer’s receipt indicate the savings for items on special and any electronic store- or manufacturer-coupons the customer received. 
  • Conveniently identifies ingredient items for the recipes the customer ordered.
  • Eliminates customers' concerns regarding why they did, or did not, receive an item. 
  • Saves labor costs by eliminating customers' telephone calls to store to receive an explanation of their order.
  • Has a "walk before run" concept that allows stores to start inexpensively. As the order volume grows, stores may add devices that increase efficiency and are cost effective.  The Express Shopper process initially starts with a paper-picking document.  As order volume grows, the store may choose to graduate to the ExpressPOS (Tablet) and hands-free scanners.

Request a full demo to see why HTG is the clear choice for your ecommerce needs.



What we do: enables your company to sell your products through a variety of channels: online, smartphone or telephone. We bring your store to your customers so they can shop wherever and whenever they choose. We extend the value you offer to your customers further into the communities your serve. can help you capture a share of this burgeoning market. It’s like opening new store locations without the overhead, inventory, work or complexity.  

  • Your customers can shop your aisles online, on their mobile and over the telephone
  • Seamless integration with your existing home page
  • Virtual store
  • Website for visually impaired
  • Staffed call center for your customers and a full service help desk for your stores
  • Smart phone compatibility with iOS, Android, Web OS; tablets, phones, iPods and iTouch
  • Customers can shop directly from your digital ad
  • Robust, mature and flexible product and services
  • SUPERB price performance
  • Designed to minimize your labor costs, increase margin and maximize your profit
  • Customizable cross merchandising feature-your digital clip strip  
  • Call Center for Telephone Ordering
  • Computer Ordering
  • Key Fob Ordering
  • Order Fulfillment

About the Company

Online grocery shopping for your customers. Reduce labor, increase margin, maximize profit.

Grocery Experience Working For You:

With over 100 years combined grocery and retail experience at, you can feel assured that we understand your concerns—and how to meet them. We reduce your labor costs, increase your margin and maximize your profit. What’s more, we do the heavy lifting. After you learn our friendly interface for order-fulfillment and reporting, you’re done. We process the orders, customers pick them up (or you deliver them), then you get paid. 

Our Strengths:

People. Experience. Flexibility. Industry knowledge and research. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers, just like you do. We listen and respond to your needs. We know that we thrive when you do, so we're always eager to apply our experience and expertise to help you grow and succeed.  

Our Beliefs:

Our beliefs are so deeply engrained that we named the company after them: Hometown Grocers. We help each other succeed. We care what happens in your business. We’re involved and we believe that B2B relationships start with people. We work hard every day to bring you high-quality products and services at a fair price. We earn loyalty one customer at a time. 


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