Online Retail Store Analytics

Online Retail Store Analytics

Clavis Insight


Global consumer goods brands partner with Clavis Insight to optimize their online presence, protect brand equity and drive profitable eCommerce sales growth.

Optimize Product Range & Listing to Maximize Revenue: Get detailed reports on your product’s availability and range to understand and manage your brand’s presence across major online stores. Identify gaps in your product categories to optimize your portfolio in the digital channel.

Develop Content that drives Consideration & Sales: Ensure that correct and complete product information for your brands’ products is displayed across major retail websites. Work with online retailers to develop best practice to grow online channel sales.

Ensure Consumers Can Easily Find Your Products: Be in the right place at the right time. Enhance your products’ positioning by monitoring and improving placement in product categories and performance in search results. Ensure your products are visible and prominent to maximize online sales.

Improve Consumer Engagement: Daily monitoring of online Reviews, including capturing all review content for analysis, to optimize the value of user generated content, identify product champions and mitigate negative comments.

Optimize Value and Profit Online: Track your prices in key online retailers and compare pricing information across online stores daily. Deliver unprecedented visibility by category, brand and SKU, as well as that of competitor brands in online stores.


  • Online Portfolio & Availability: Analyze your online channel portfolio and availability by individual retailer, brand or category, to optimize your range and maximize distribution.
  • Content Integrity: Understand & improve the quality of your product landing page Content across online retail stores, to ensure you have the right Content to drive consideration.
  • Search & Menu Placement: How easy it is for consumers to find your products online? Placement reports on your products’ Category rank by store and Search rank for selected keywords by category, brand or online store.
  • Product Ratings & Reviews: Capture and monitor consumer reviews and scores to alert brand owners to issues, identify product champions and improve engagement.
  • Media & Promotions Tracking: Monitor online media placements for promotions plan compliance and effectiveness, and to track category competitor-promotions.
  • Online Price Tracking: Track your prices in key online retailers and compare pricing information across online stores to monitor guideline compliance and optimize value and profit.

About the Company

Clavis Insight is a leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce Intelligence and Online Store Audit solutions for consumer products Suppliers and Retailers. With Clavis' easy-to-use eCommerce Insight solution, your organization can gain invaluable intelligence about the online channel in order to optimize your presence in online stores and increase annual digital channel sales by as much as 30%.
Just as you would perform retail audits in bricks & mortar stores, Clavis does the same for the eCommerce world, "visiting" online stores selling your products, and providing unprecedented intelligence and analysis about your product information in these stores.  Our customers include some of the largest consumer goods companies in the world such as Barilla, General Mills, Kimberly Clark and Unilever. Clavis enables them to identify issues and take action to improve product integrity, visibility and availability in leading online stores.

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