OORACE for Stores

OORACE for Stores



OORACE® adapts to different sectors of activity ...

  • Marketplaces and market places
  • Digital content sites (press, content production, VOD, ...)
  • Dating sites
  • Social networks and especially corporate social networks
  • Search engines
  • The physical stores connected (via beacons for example) 

Uses are also multiple and applicable mostly on online sites, mobile phones and connected stores:

  • Product or content recommendations
  • Virtual Assistant for guided tours
  • Retargeting and acquisition flow
  • Retention of visitors / customers

Oorace® available in Saas mode can transform any application into Serendipity Apps® very simply thanks to an API (a simple JS tag) that is implemented in front-end.



  OORACE® for STORES allows you to

  • To build digital experiments that you want to share.
  • Take into account visitors' itinerary in order to suggest an unexpected product
  • Display the product recommendation on a large screen, which can correspond to a common point of interest for several visitors
  • Send alerts on vendor tablets
  • Capitalize on the route of the visitors in store to enrich the online recommendationsThe system is designed to be easily recomposed according to the changes in your store layout.

About the Company

Search'XPR has developed an INNOVATIVE OORACE ™ technology from the psycho-cognitive sciences, aimed at research and recommendation systems, or "The art of arousing emotion ..."

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