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OOS Alert



Finally, a practical and effective solution to the most pervasive drain on sales, shopper experience and profits in fast-moving consumer goods retailing — store Out-of-Stocks. With OOS Alert from GlobalWorx, success-oriented retailers have a great opportunity to enhance in-stock position, shopper experience and associated sales and profit results. OOS Alert supports superior shelf practice with reliable detection and streamlined vendor communications. The benefit is a sales increase of 2-3 percentage points.

OOS Alert is specifically designed to connect the retailer’s vital OOS information with its supplier ecosystem. The objective is to deliver notifications directly to suppliers in the field that are accurate, timely (daily), and actionable (by retailer, by store, by item).

Our premise is simple – suppliers covet this information and will use it to improve their in-stock positions thereby benefiting the retailer, the consumer and themselves.

Service at no cost to the retailer; clear benefit for the vendors. 


  • Real-time Notifications of OOS Events: OOS Alert notifications are generated by store and communicated directly to the responsible supplier. The system identifies multi-day and consecutive-day out-of-stocks. The dashboard includes automated calculation of lost sales.
  • Automatic Escalation Process: Each actionable event is assigned ownership and tracked. Vendor responsibilities are specified and resolution protocols are defined.
  • Measurement and Reporting: Management data analytics include KPI tracking and supplier score carding. Reports may be generated by supplier, by regions/districts, by store and by category.

About the Company

Founded in 2004, GlobalWorx is privately owned company based in Richmond, VA. We are proud to have developed the first industry collaboration platform. The GlobalWorx Collaboration platform optimizes the efficiency of task definition, communication, execution and measurement across all trading partners within the grocery retail supply chain. Our OOS Alert program focuses on the out-of-stock problem within the grocery industry.  

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Company Size:  11-50 employees
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