Optimizing Cash Management

Optimizing Cash Management

Glory Global Solutions


Managing banknotes and coins is central to operations within the Retail and Gaming sectors and is an intrinsic part of both customer transactions and interaction. Developing a comprehensive cash management strategy is essential to optimizing staff efficiency, delivering customer service excellence and ultimately enhancing profitability.

With a long heritage in creating and delivering unique cash management technologies and processes, our knowledge, skills and technology can transform cash management in Retail and Gaming from a laborious, manually focused and expensive process into a dynamic, customer supporting activity that ultimately adds to bottom line contribution. 


  • Address the security of the physical movement of cash, ensuring appropriate levels of security are maintained without alienating customers.
  • Automate manual cash processes to create more customer engagement time.
  • Perform real time cash balancing through intelligent drop deposit terminals and reduce the risks associated with shrinkage and counterfeits – directly impacting your operational efficiency.

About the Company

At Glory Global Solutions, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We bring real innovation to our customers, through technology, process and our people. Through our innovation, we fundamentally change the way cash moves across operations, how staff work, how customers are engaged, and the ways in which businesses connect their cash management systems.

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Company Size:  5001+ employees
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