Fellow Robots


Retail Robotics is an exciting and fast growing new market and Fellow Robots is at the forefront. Advances in sensors, wireless networking, voice recognition and design prototyping are enabling us to build the smart retail robots that can autonomously navigate through stores, help communicate with customers to understand what they need and locate it quickly.

OSHbot incorporates the latest of these advanced technologies. The robot understands and speaks multiple languages. For example, a customer may say “I am looking for a door knob”, OSHbot will provide product information to the customer and guide them to its location on store shelves.


  • We provide you tools and data analytics to understand your customer better.
  • Location-based special offers.
  • 3D & Product Scanner.

About the Company

Robotics today is a fast growing industry with applications in myriad markets, including retail, transportation, manufacturing, and even as personal assistants. Fellow Robots is at the forefront of reimagining these uses for the best retail experience - to improve your experience when shopping and to help employees with the most up to date information on inventory and location of goods and services.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.