Parcelive: Live Parcel Tracking

Parcelive: Live Parcel Tracking



Parcelive is a service that allows you to track the exact location and condition of your parcel anywhere in the world in real time no matter the carrier.


  1. A Parcelive device is inserted into the parcel at the point of distribution. The device is then scanned by barcode creating a new individual track for the Parcel.
  2. The Parcel is now self aware meaning the user can track the exact location and condition of their parcel in real time anywhere in the world. The Parcel will also send out alerts should an event occur, such as it being dropped, opened or exceeding a temperature range.
  3. Once the parcel has been received the Parcelive device is removed and sent back to Hanhaa without the need for stamp or postage.

About the Company

We are in start-up phase to provide a disruptive solution for the small packet logistics market in both developed and emerging markets.

We are now in early testing and will be sharing more once the platform is validated for open use.

We look forward to sharing more with our partners, customers and even our families, over the course of 2015. Please follow us here for updates.

Appreciate your support. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

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