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As a partner and reseller of Parstream, Allegro BI helps you implement the technology and make the most of your investment. Our Parstream services include: ParStream architecture design, Database design, configuration and optimization, Database scalability and availability, Connectivity, administration and management, and Integration of ParStream and QlikView through direct discovery.


  • Less risk versus integrating and testing products from different vendors in-house.
  • ParStream includes innovative tools to enable the immediate and continuous analysis of real-time IoT data as it’s being loaded.
  • ParStream platform handles the massive-size and high-velocity of IoT data...and agility to handle the widely dispersed sources of IoT data.

About the Company

Founded in 1997, Allegro Business Intelligence is a consultancy that offers a full range of analytic solutions. The heart of our practice is the QlikView business intelligence platform. We are an elite QlikView reseller and deployment partner. Our offerings include implementation services, support, enhancement services, and BI consulting. We have earned a reputation for superior QlikView results with happy customers who have high rates of end-user adoption.

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