• Simple and secure solution for card payments without a credit card terminal.

Receive payments from your e-commerce, store and call center in real time. 


  • Activate the pump and collect your invoices, all on your mobile phone!

Enjoy a unique service station experience using the PayMet application or a tailor made app for the petrol company. 


  • Maximise your loyalty programme without investing in hardware

We can link your programme to any participating business easily and securely without having to invest in new hardware. 


  • The Own Brand platform can adapt to any requirements

The digital world is full of ever more demanding consumers and your competitors are only a click away. PayMet provides your brand with new opportunities for growth, reputation and building competitive advantage leading to clear profits growth.



  • Charge by Card without Needing a Credit Card Terminal 

The client may or may not be present when the payment is made. 

  • Recieve the Funds in Real Time 

Payments are received in real time. Right in your bank account. 

  • Offer Payment in Instalments 

Offer real time financing through PAGA + TARDE 

  • Offer a Loyalty Scheme 

Your customers will earn your brand's cryptocurrency for use on future purchases. 



  • Select Pump And Amount

Select the pump you want to use, the amount to refuel and hoold down the 'Open pump' button.

  • You Can Fill Up

Once the request has been validated, you can get out of the vehicle and refuel the amount you requested.

  • Get Your Receipt or Bill in Real Time

When you're done, you can get back in your car and drive away without delay.  The receipt and invoice for your fuel will automatically be sent to you in real time by e-mail and in the app.



  • The system turns traditional physical loyalty cards into virtual ones in the programmes' apps

All the customer has to do is use the programme's app to collect points from different merchants. 

  • Easy for Merchants 

You can install the system automatically via an API or use the PayMet manager via a URL to award points.

From the App, the customer will scan the QR code that was generated by the third merchant to add points which are equivalent to the consumed amount.

Every people who is not enrolled in the loyalty programme, throughout the same QR reading, will be able to download the App and create a profile to add points.



  • Start taking mobile payments in your business

Your company can make use of all of the technology PayMet offers its clients (mobile payments, one click payments, PushPay payments, online payments and loyalty platforms) in Own Brand. All that will change is the colours and logo. 

  • A bespoke banking software platform

Whether you are a Financial Entity, Market Place or you want to create payment accounts, credit/microcredit accounts, pre-paid wallets, loyalty cards with cashback for your direct clients, PayMet has a turnkey banking software platform for you and a mobile payment app 100% adapted to your needs.

Our Cloud Banking has a manager with management tools so you can access, administer and reconcile 100% of the system data.

The platform can be configured to manage automatic reports and to annex any of the PayMet modules, including Reporting, Risk Profile Scoring, PML online (Prevention of Money Laundering), or Due Diligence KYC (client profile authentication module).

About the Company

PayMet is a new shopping experience that lets users buy and pay with their mobile. Our service drives in-store traffic, repeats customers and creates loyal customers through a very powerful and segmented promotional and loyalty platform. Simple sign up and no need of extra hardware implementation, enabling anyone to accept credit cards anywhere today. HOW? Customers download the free PayMet app and pay with their iPhone and Android instead of cash or cards. Its fun, quick, simple and completely secure. Also, customers love it because it rewards them for going back to their favorite places.

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