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Phygital Mind


Combining physical and digital assets of your brand, maximizing growth, profitability and customer engagement. 


Our retail cloud, will provide you with the most convenient instrumental platforms to digitally control, monitor and measure all phases of your brand’s in-store customer journey from sales assistant interactions to product search, from purchasing decisions to payment.

SHOPSIGN your “in-store,digital sales assistant”

Shopisign is the endless aisle solution for interactive touch screens in retail stores.

It empowers your brand to provide your customers the best of both digital and physical realms empowering them with the seamless omni-channel experience.


Provide Endless Opportunities to Your Customers!

  • Exhibit the full product range in your store without the need of having actual the items in-store
  • Show your customers what they are looking for through extensive filtering options, Send them rapidly to check out funnel while delivering an incredibly fast browsing experience.
  • Have your customers pay for items without waiting in long lines with the help of Shopisign’s multiple payment integration options
  • Display all the possible info about the products 
  • Always connected.
  • Designed specifically for in-store experience, Shopisign provides simple, fast and seamless customer experience completing the omnichannel cycle. Shopisign catalog needs no internet connection, leading to a very fast browsing experience with no disconnection possibility whatsoever. 
  • Empower your sales staff
  • Your store sales staff will now have access to your full product catalog, to all product details and content such as ratings, videos, comments etc. Selling with Shopsign is an enriched and stimulating process for the sales team as well. 
  • Get absolute control of your business
  • Shopiconnect is the middleware behind Shopisign’s numerous talents. Through the flexible and robust structure of Shopiconnect, you can easily exert content management, customization, monitoring and data analysis.
  • Shopisign dashboard empowers you in organizing product information, managing individual stores and managing campaings and getting detailed analytics on your store customers.

About the Company

Retail world is talking about the phygital revolution, how to bridge the gap between digital and physical and how to digitize the physical... With a phygital mind, we offer solutions to in-store problems, we digitize the customer journey utilizing the physical assets. We digitize the entire in-store shopper experience maximizing, growth, profitability and customer engagement. We are a phygital mind acting all digital while bestowing the physical.

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