PigeonShip-On-Demand deliveries -- Ship almost anything anywhere anytime  

PigeonShip connects Senders to Commuters or Pigeons. Pigeons are the people who are running errands and want to earn extra money while delivering packages on their way. Every item that gets posted notifies the Pigeon going that way already, therefore the Pigeon can accept and deliver the package with no extra effort. No matter what you want to deliver, chances are there are people travelling the same direction, so why spend money, gas and time when you can have a Pigeon pick up and deliver with the simple click of a button.



  • Same Day Delivery

Having something picked up and delivered same day is unchartered territory. Even the biggest postal companies don’t provide this service. PigeonShip, however, does it daily and seamlessly. If that’s not enough, how about weekend and holiday delivery too! 

  • Weekend Delivery

When all the big postal giants stop delivering on the weekend, PigeonShip is the ONLY solution.

  • Classifieds Delivery

PigeonShip has bridged the gap between classifieds buyers and sellers. Check out how thousands of classifieds users are utilizing PigeonShip for not only deliveries, but payments too. 

  • Grocery Delivery

Just order your groceries and a Pigeon will pick them up and bring them to you. 

  • Restaurant Delivery

No need to wonder if your favorite restaurant delivers since PigeonShip delivers for EVERY restaurant. Starting now, it’s safe to assume you can get your favorite food delivered anytime, anywhere. 

  • Warehouse Delivery

Companies are saving BIG dollars using PigeonShip as a business shipping solution. PigeonShip instantly eliminates the costly expenses associated with shipping. Most business slash the expenses in ½ overnight.

About the Company

PigeonShip is, and always will be the innovator of crowedsourced pick up and delivery services. Originally founded in 2012, Founder Jared Overton spent nearly two years refining the technology and platform to help revolutionalize the shipping industry

PigeonShip has created a market that has never existed, such as same day delivery, evening delivery, weekend delivery, and holiday delivery. The innovation now also allows your favorite restaurant to now deliver, with PigeonShip.

Every day millions of people are commuting, traveling, or running errands. Ironically millions of items and packages are needing to go in that very same direction. PigeonShip has capitalized on the empty space in so many vehicles. It helps people needing stuff delivered with all those vehicles already going.

The PigeonShip Classifieds platform is a break through in and of itself. This service allows buyers and sellers to use PigeonShip as the middle man; payment processing and also delivery.

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