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Introducing PivotalView Mobile Tool for Grocers Actionable Grocer Insights
Empower your Team and Respond Faster


The Information Every Grocer Needs…on Your Smartphone

PivotalView from Pivotal Tools is a mobile business intelligence tool designed specifically for grocers.  PivotalView provides store and department managers Actionable Insights and performance information right on their smartphones empowering them to deliver better results!

PivotalView Empowers your Merchants to Deliver Greater Sales!

Unlike traditional grocer tools, like paper movement or sales reports, PivotalView delivers Actionable Insights that are:

  • Easy to get,
  • Easy to understand, and
  • Easy to evaluate

Merchants using PivotalView deliver higher sales growth, less shrink and have better job satisfaction.  

Designed first as a mobile tool, PivotalView delivers Actionable Insights wherever members of your team find themselves.  It’s always in their pocket!

Results are available first thing in the morning, generally by 5:00 a.m..  With the color-coded scorecard feature, each merchant knows where they exceeded target and where the opportunities are.  

Now with PivotalView your team knows their results before they get on the sales floor.  Unlike traditional grocer tools, they don't run reports, they "drill down" to understand why...right on their smartphone.  With a click they can view their department results, another click categories and another individual items.

Merchants using PivotalView know if the Ad is working or that endcap is delivering expected lift without ever going into the office and printing out a report.  They get to the sales floor or a vendor meeting with the information they need to build on success and address opportunities.  That's an Empowered Merchant!

Why consider PivotalView to Empower your Merchants?  

Empowered Merchants use PivotalView every day to deliver faster sales growth, higher customer counts, and bigger baskets.  Here’s what Empowered Merchants are saying about PivotalView:

“I’m using this to track two different packaging strategies on single serve cake offerings in the two stores I’m responsible for. “  -Tammy - Bakery Manager

“If sales are in the red, it motivates me to do more selling and merchandising.”  - Joel - Department Manager

“I love that in an Independent store, I can pull up sales data on a vendor and see the same sales data at one of my other stores to see if it is feasible for me to carry the product.  Love this app!! - Michelle – Store Manager

“I'm competitive and this tool makes me even more competitive  - Carole – Deli Manager

With PivotalView it's Easy!

PivotalView is designed by Grocers for Grocers.  That means, it's easy to use.  

Implemented by experts, PivotalView is easy to deploy, as a simple Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, with no investment up front.  It's easy to afford.


Why PivotalView is THE Solution for Grocers

Performance:  Merchants using PivotalView increase sales faster than their competitors!  How?  They’re empowered!  With the information they need when they need it!  They know what’s working and what’s not… and why!

Easy: It’s easy to use!  It’s easy to understand!  It’s easy to deploy!  It’s easy to afford! Simple color coding makes it easy to know where you are relative to your goals.  You can drill down from store or department performance to an item in a couple of clicks.  We can show you performance relative to targets and to other stores in your chain. 

Affordable:  PivotalView is a Software as a Service solution with a low monthly fee for each store. Pivotal Tools provides rapid and effective support directly to the merchants.  We even provide training Webinars. 


About the Company

Pivotal Tools was founded by a group of grocery and technology professionals who saw an opportunity to leverage advances in technology, underutilized data, and creative insights to empower independent grocers to realize their potential, enhance their competitiveness, and continue to anchor great communities. For more information visit: www.pivotal.tools.

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First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  Less than 10 employees
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