Planohero, an data-driven store layout and planogramming software that could empower the visual merchandizing, marketing and in-store management. With planohero, you could easily create, deploy and measure different version of planograms with all data analytics tools, and smart placement of products. You could easily deploy any changes.

  • Create floor plan and planogram easily by simply drag-and-drop

- Smart Automation of product mix and shelf facing;

- Setup your own merchandising rules and get right amount of product mix and shelf facing accordingly.

- Create multiple plans in few minutes; - Preset products and tools library.

  • Deploy your floor and shelf plan from HQ to store location within 15 munites

- Setup different planogram/floor plan for different location;

- Setup same shelf plan for stores across whole chain;

- Deploy localised shelf planning according to local assortment;

- Deploy planogram changes across whole chain by one click.


  • Measure and analyze the performance with real-time data and visualized heatmap

- Build effective communication between HQ and local stores.

- Check and compare the effectiveness of the floor plan in different time with sales heatmap;

- Check and compare effectiveness of different planograms for category/product in different time;

- Check and compare effectiveness of different plan for different store locations.

  • In-store audition and field management made easy

- Support Mobile and pad for in-store planogram compliance

- Upload the real-time in-store photo for auditing purpose

- Real-time data for in-store inventory management.




No license needed: Unlimited users. 

 Cloud Based : Secured on the cloud. Don't need worry about computer virus.

- Smart Automation: Auto product mix and shelf facing accordingly by one click. or set your own merchandising rules.

- Heat Map: Get to know the effectiveness of store plan and run data-drive planogram analytics.

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About the Company

Datawiz Inc is a retail technology company, providing data analytics and business intelligent solutions for retailers, manufactures and distributers. Datawiz is a technology partner of Nielsen Eastern Europe.