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Your stores are showcases for your customers and the foundation of their experience with your brand—even in omni-channel environments. You need that experience to be relevant, efficient and inspiring to every customer, every time. And Aptos makes that happen. With Aptos, point of sale is no longer about processing transactions; it’s about empowering experiences that increase sales.

122,000 Stores Across the Globe…and Counting: As the POS solution used by more softgoods retailers than any other, Aptos Store and Aptos Mobile Store enable more than 300 brands in 40 countries to engage customers through over 120,000 stores with personalized, efficient and empowered interactions, and to integrate and connect their store operations to every channel, location and touchpoint.

Well-Established Leadership Credentials: Year after year, in study after study, Aptos Store solutions are consistently ranked among the leaders in the industry, and 2015 has been no exception. Aptos was named the Leader in the 2015 Forrester Wave for Point of Service, the leading provider to softgoods retailers by IHL, and #1 in overall market share by Boston Retail Partners.

Rich Functionality that Helps You Engage Differently: Aptos Store and Aptos Mobile Store include centralized, real-time features designed to enhance engagement and drive sales by empowering sales associates with one view of inventory; a 360° view of each customer, including the ability to see what’s in their “closet” with Aptos Clienteling; and access to all transaction details through Aptos Returns Management to ensure accurate refunds of purchases made in any store or channel. Aptos Store also enables store staff to manage their business more efficiently with a full complement of back office functions and applications, including manager’s dashboard, inventory management, employee management, store messaging, electronic journal, and cash management—all supported by Enterprise Store Central, a centralized data transfer and consolidation module. Leveraging omni-channel visibility and deep customer knowledge, Aptos Store and Mobile Store provide every store associate a holistic view of each consumer, each order, and each piece of inventory. Associates have immediate access to insights into which product a loyal customer purchases from your brick-and-mortar store, which product that customer plans to pick-up at another store and which product they are having shipped to their home.

Aptos: One customer… one transaction…one solution…one integrated experience.

Payment and Security are Priority #1: In addition, payment and security – top of mind issues with every retailer – are also top of mind at Aptos. We employ proven end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure that your cardholders’ data is never directly identified at any point during its journey to and from the bank. With our PA-DSS certified Aptos Secure Data Manager (SDM), or FiPay from our partner AJB, data is fully encrypted on the PIN pad (using VeriFone VeriShield) with bank-owned ‘keys’. It is then securely communicated to the point of sale, transmitted directly to the bank for authorization, and re-encrypted before being returned to your POS.

Aptos Store: Serving on the front-lines, your store associates are critical to ensuring an inspired customer experience. Aptos Store POS (point-of-sale) empowers every associate in every location with the tools they require to improve both the customer experience and their productivity. Aptos POS reduces checkout times with flexible workflows and bio-metric capabilities while driving sales with support for advanced transaction types, extensive promotions and deal executions, store CRM, and more. Aptos Store facilitates exceptional customer service by providing easy access to all product information, inventory, pricing intelligence and customer history to help shoppers make confident decisions. Combined with end-to-end encryption and all the resources you need to process transactions efficiently on your customers’ terms, Aptos Store lets you captivate shoppers, grow your business and continually drive sales.

Aptos Mobile Store: In today’s world of instant gratification, a mobile solution is not only useful but essential. Aptos Mobile Store uses the same architecture as our standard POS application to facilitate rapid delivery of deep functionality on a variety of mobile devices. Aptos Mobile Store takes Aptos Store to the next level by empowering employees to interact with and assist shoppers through their iOS or Windows mobile devices. Aptos Mobile Store empowers every associate to deliver seamless service, instantly answer questions and complete transactions without delays. Retailers that utilize Aptos Mobile Store report increased conversion rates, a rise in dollars and units per transaction, improved employee productivity and, ultimately, a better performing enterprise. By giving store managers and sales associates instant, on-the-go access to the tools they need to enhance customer service and complete end-to-end POS transactions, look up items, locate stock, and carry out various omni-channel management functions.


  • Aptos Store: For more than 40 years, Aptos has been enabling retailers worldwide to make the store an integrated and empowering part of a seamless omni-channel experience. More than 300 retail brands in over 40 countries rely on Aptos Store POS to deliver seamless store experiences that span channels, locations, and devices.
  • Aptos Mobile Store: Mobile Store is not just another mobile app—it’s a fully functional Aptos Store client that uses all the same point-of-sale features, functions, and business logic as our best-of-breed, #1-ranked Store application.

About the Company

Engaging Customers Differently.

Aptos (formerly Epicor Retail) leverages close to 45 years of experience, best practices and innovation to optimize retail enterprises. Our advanced end-to-end solutions and singular commerce platform enable personalized, seamless experiences no matter when, where or how your customers shop; streamlined omni-channel operations; plus one view and highly efficient management of your brand, customers, inventory, orders and data. 

Aptos is the recognized market leader in retail Point of Sale solutions, with over 122,000 stores live on our platform. More than 500 retail brands leverage Aptos solutions to generate over $523 billion in annual revenues.

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