POPS® Solution

POPS® Solution

Insignia Systems, Inc.


The Insignia POPS® Program offers retailers the advantage of combining superior sales lift with a completely integrated merchandising program. Insignia works with your existing merchandising initiatives to complement what you’re already doing. Our signs feature your store’s logo, your color scheme and your price that, together, create a powerful, attention-grabbing system. The end result is a program that generates the industry’s best lift with signs that look great at the shelf.


  • Gain access to national brand advertising dollars to communicate brand benefits to your shoppers.
  • Get paid for each sign placed.
  • Disrupt shopping habits and drive shoppers center store.

About the Company

Founded in 1990 on an idea born from industry experts, today Insignia Systems is one of the most innovative and effective in-store media companies in the industry. Backed by 25 years of industry expertise, Insignia is trusted by the many of the most respected companies in the world to help compete in today's fierce retail setting. 

Insignia Systems provides leading-edge media and digital solutions to retail and consumer packaged goods industries. While our primary channel is grocery, we serve mass, pharmacy and dollar formats as well. We supply our clients with strategic, in-store signage programs and solutions needed to raise awareness, compete effectively and turn shoppers into customers. All of our offerings can be individually tailored to meet the diverse needs of our client base. 

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