LAST IMPRESSION - Drive front-end sales. Before smart phones, your customers’ eyes were up and active. We engineered Last Impression to recapture their attention and drive sales for your front-end products. 

THE SOLUTION TO DECLINING ENGAGEMENT - Captivate your customer and grow front-end sales by adding Popspots to your checkout experience. 

  • An untapped opportunity
    • Only 1 in 6 shoppers purchase front-end products. Capture the attention of the 5 shoppers you're missing, and watch your revenue grow. 
  • Engagement is the solution
    • 59% of missed front-end sales are due to lack of engagement. The simplest way to reclaim those sales is to draw shoppers eyes away from their iPhones. 


  • Reduce out-of-stocks and ensure planogram compliance
  • Out-of-stocks and planogram compliance cost grocers $325 million annually in front-end sales. Stockcheck helps eliminate both issues, growing front-end sales by 5-15%.


  • Manage check lane usage and reduce dated products
  • An expired product impacts your bottom line as if it were stolen.

How Does Landflow work? 

Laneflow eliminates dated product and reduces out-of-stocks by letting you manage lane utilization in real time. Your Popspots use customer detection technology to ensure Last Impression promotions only run when a customer is present. Laneflow repurposes this data to calculate the real world use patterns of your lanes on a minute-by-minute basis. We then translate that data into lane usage recommendations that you can view directly from your Popspots account. 

  • MONITOR:Track real time activity
  • MEASURE: Quantify lane use patterns
  • REPORT: View historical analysis



Reclaim customer engagement

  • Capture and retain your customer's attention with dynamic, high-definition video marketing. Upload the videos yourself through our web platform or sell your promo spots to vendors and generate additional revenue from your front-end. 

Build your brand

  • When your customers aren't in the checkout aisle, your Popspots will play a custom branding loop of your choice. Your branding loop can be updated at any time on our web platform, so you can rotate seasonal branding themes or promote weekly specials. 

Partner with vendors

  • If you become a Popspots Partner, you’ll gain access to a growing list of vendors that pre-buy your promo spots. We only partner with vendors whose products you carry, so while you're generating ad revenue, the promotions that play will also drive your front-end sales. 

Built for retailers.

  • We measure our success by the value we bring to your business. Improve brand awareness with your custom branding loop and drive sales with promo spots that highlight your front-end products. And if you join our partner program, we’ll pre-load your promo spots so your Popspots start generating revenue for you the day they’re installed.
  • A modern web platform that offers capabilities and craftsmanship you won’t find from typical enterprise software. You’ll feel powerful when you use our platform.
  • A relentless focus on the bottom line. Every dollar counts in the grocery retail business. Growing your front-end sales is the driving force behind everything we do.
  • An effortless set-up process, no instructions necessary. A dedicated member of our team will provide guidance and can hop on the phone if you ever have a question.
  • An open line to our engineering team. We thrive on feedback — our best features are a result of conversations with retailers looking for solutions to their problems.


AI powered audits

  • We use advanced machine learning to run audits of your stores and then automatically report out-of-stock and planogram compliance issues at the lane level to your store managers.

Centralize and simplify

  • Every Stockcheck we run gets saved to your Popspots account. View health scores for your entire business and then drill down to the store level and identify opportunities for improvement. 

No cost revenue growth

  • Stockcheck is already installed on your Popspots, so you can activate it at any time. Vendors pay for the Stockcheck data on their products, which lets us provide the service to you at no cost. 


  • Stockcheck is more precise than in-person audits and significantly reduces your team’s workload. 

Trust but verify

  • Store managers notify us once the issues identified by an audit are resolved. Then we immediately run a follow-up audit to ensure compliance. Any unresolved issues are sent back to the store manager for correction and can be escalated to corporate if the issues persist. 

Customize notification preferences

  • Tell us how and when you want to be notified about the Stockchecks across your retail chain. You can even set preferences at the user level and establish an escalation protocol to help identify and assist problem stores. 

Uncover missed opportunities

  • Stockcheck provides a detailed snapshot of out-of-stocks and planogram compliance for your entire retail chain.

Get real-time insights

  • Track performance across your entire retail chain and focus your time and effort on the stores that need it most.

Activate at no cost

  • Stockcheck is funded by your vendors, so you can simply activate it from your Popspots account, no payment necessary.

Stockcheck adapts to your business

  • Stockcheck can handle unique planograms for each lane and will automatically recalibrate when your fixtures are repositioned after cleaning.


Actionable insights

  • Laneflow gives you real time, action-oriented advice to help you balance lane use and recapture revenue lost to product expirations. 

Simplified accountability

  • Create Popspots accounts for your store managers so they can access Laneflow health scores and insights for their individual stores.

Costless revenue capture

  • Access to Laneflow is included with your Popspots lease at no additional cost, so you can start optimizing your check lane usage on day one. Your Popspots use customer detection technology to ensure Last Impression promotions only run when a customer is present. Laneflow repurposes this data to calculate the real world use patterns of your lanes on a minute-by-minute basis. We then translate that data into lane usage recommendations that you can view directly from your Popspots account. 

Optimize your checklane use

  • Laneflow monitors your checklanes in real-time to provide actionable feedback that helps you reduce dated products and out-of-stocks. 

Identify key opportunities

  • Use your chain-wide dashboard to assess your overall lane utilization. Laneflow automatically identifies top and bottom performing stores, so you can focus your attention where it’s needed the most. 

Store specific accountability

  • Create accounts for your managers so they can monitor their stores. Use Laneflow health scores to reward store managers that improve over time and share best practices with the ones that need help. 

Visualize your progress

  • Laneflow provides spectacular charts that make it easy to track your improvement over time. 
  • Historical trends: View historical Laneflow scores for your entire chain or individual stores. Improve over time and watch your dated products disappear.
  • Daily lane usage: These charts provide a high level view of lane activity. Identify under-utilized check lanes and make adjustments to improve your score.
  • Hourly usage: Assess lane opening and closing trends throughout a typical day. Ensure your stores use best practices and make corrections as needed.

About the Company

Popspots helps grocers drive sales with next generation front-end merchandising technology. Our core product, the Popspot, is an internet enabled smart display that grocers install in their checkout aisles. The device drives front-end sales by increasing customer engagement, reducing out-of-stock products, improving planogram compliance, and minimizing dated products.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  11-50 employees