Precision Location

Precision Location



Precision Location delivers the fastest, most accurate, and most confident positioning. No matter what OS is powering your mobile or connected device, we are your location partner. We work with you to deliver superior UX for your app, device or enterprise software—even when devices are disconnected.


  • Certified Location is a critical addition to your app device or platform when incorrect location data is not an option.
  • Our customers use Certified Location to comply with regulatory standards (such as blackout or gambling restrictions) or security measures.
  • Our hybrid positioning engine delivers industry-leading speed and accuracy for device manufacturers and app developers who need the most precise location.

About the Company

Skyhook’s massive global network powers billions of location requests in all of the places that they happen. Our customers include giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony and Mapquest. Our coverage is monumental and constantly growing. We exist to make location faster, more precise and practical and have teams dedicated to research and development, support and getting our message in the hands of everyone who can use our technology.

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