Price Optimization

Price Optimization

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The BRdata Price Optimization Module presents the optimal price to the retailer based on item demand, gross margin percentage, competition, private label, and unit size.  Advanced TPR management rules maximize TPR profits.


  • Features:
  • Proven technology: Retailers using the BRdata Host pricing system and Price Optimization module have seen 1-2% increases in their bottom-line.
  • Optimizes retails based on the following variables: GM%, Competition, Private Label to National Brand gap, demand (price elasticity), and brand linking.
  • Using the BRdata Profit Analyzer, the module is completely integrated to the BRdata Retail BOSS application suite. Users benefit from price, cost, and movement histories already existing in the BRdata enterprise database.
  • Merchandisers and pricing analysts can use one tool to view the complete category and item information.
  • Extensive reporting tool. Drill down to analyze GM by total store, department, category/sub, and item information.
  • Understand how TPRs and ADs are affecting store and department sales and profitability.
  • Pricing rules and strategies can be defined by zone, store, department, category, sub category, and item.
  • Driven by vendor cost changes, allowances, competitor price changes, and demand pricing.
  • Maximizes TPR profitability using extensive TPR pricing strategies.
  • Compare items against one competitor’s price or a defined “group” of competitors.
  • Select single or group competitor’s highest or lowest retail.
  • Define private label gaps between national brands.
  • Definable compare and save by amount or percentage.
  • Unlimited rounding possibilities.
  • Quick and easy implementation. Existing BRdata users can implement module in a few days.
  • No expensive software subscriptions! User pays the one time software license fee and continues to benefit from the application every year going forward without having to renew a subscription.

About the Company

BRdata is a software development company and systems integrator of open architecture software applications, providing totally integrated business solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and grocery store chains.

BRdata offers software solutions for retailers. Software applications including hosting, in-store systems, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, and BRdata Cloud and Connect. Reach your customers before, during, and after they shop with the BRdata Connect branded consumer app. Access reporting from anywhere, anytime, on any device with BRdata Cloud.

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Company Size:  11-50 employees
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