Pricing & Promotion Solution

Pricing & Promotion Solution



Pricing that is business, not just science, driven.

Retail pricing software has earned a reputation for being difficult – difficult to implement, difficult to understand inputs and outputs, and difficult to incorporate into business users’ daily routines. Yet getting pricing right, whether regular pricing, promotional pricing, or markdowns, can drive several percentage points of additional margin. So how do you make pricing a more straightforward and compelling proposition, one that your company can adopt without all the pain? Turn to Predictix.


  • Quick and cost-effective solutions.
  • Pricing adapted to your business, actionable, transparent.
  • Predictix Regular Price: Business and science.

About the Company

Predictix helps retailers make better merchandising, planning and supply chain decisions --- and achieve significantly better business results --- using predictive analytics and the power of the cloud with its flexibility, affordability, speed, scale and unlimited computing power. We work with many of the world’s leading retailers to solve their most challenging problems in forecasting and replenishment, pricing and promotion, planning and assortment. 

How do we do it? We think differently, we work differently, we challenge the status quo. We enable retailers to have a better, faster understanding of retail demand. That means more accurate forecasts, better financial performance, and a better consumer experience. 

We implement our solutions rapidly – and with no hardware to buy, software to install, large up-front investments to make, or long-term commitments to sign, our clients can move forward quickly and confidently on their merchandising initiatives. 

We use a configurable platform approach vs. packaged applications. We use the cloud vs. on-premise computing. We follow the principles of agile implementation. We start with your pain points and an iterative "Do-Learn-Do" approach vs. a "big bang" install approach.

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