Primaseller Inventory Management & POS Software

Primaseller Inventory Management & POS Software


Ecommerce order fulfillment for all your online stores
Manage inventory on a cloud-based software
Manage your POS store billing and digital catalogs easily
Primaseller lets you manage inventory and orders efficiently


Primaseller Inventory Management, POS and B2B order software synchronizes inventory and fulfills all online and offline orders on a single platform.


  • Primaseller’s POS software lets you manage stock at your brick and mortar stores with great ease. You can access and track the inventory across all your multiple stores from a single panel
  • Primaseller enables retailers to have a centralized view of the inventory shared across all the channels including online marketplaces, webstores and POS stores from their warehouses
  • Primaseller integrates with the biggest marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and also at Flipkart. Your Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or other personal online webstores can also be easily configured at Primaseller
  • Get complete control of the entire stock across your multiple chains of stores as well as your warehouse
  • Retailers need to constantly update themselves of their revenue. Primaseller takes care of their accounting needs by integrating with Tally and QuickBooks.

About the Company

Primaseller is a software product company that enables multi-channel commerce for a retailer. Founded in 2013, with the simple objective of uncluttering inventory and order requirements from multiple channels and have since then built a world class product that can help a retailer perform omni-channel sales without the unnecessary bulkiness that comes in enterprise grade software.

Based out of Bangalore, India – Primaseller wants to enable every retailer with a technology that helps them focus on acquiring more customers and worry less about the infrastructure to support their scaling business.

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