Profit Amplification Suite

Profit Amplification Suite



Profitect’s modular, non-disruptive, solution uses predictive analytics to pinpoint value chain margin leakage, inventory distortion, on-shelf availability issues, shrink, waste, damage, process non-compliance, cashier fraud, coupon abuse, and operational risks. Innovative pattern seeking technology, delivered in the cloud or SaaS, identifies these opportunities for anything from loss prevention and profit recovery to increased operational efficiency and delivers best practice solutions to resolve personnel, system, and process behaviors, enabling excellence in the ordinary.


  • Planning & buying, logistics & warehouse, delivery & receiving, inventory, sales, marketing and mobile field app.

About the Company

The Profitect software solution uses pattern analytics to identify revenue reducing activities, and integrated task management provides timely, detailed, and guided actions to resolve the issue. Improvements to the top and bottom line are continuously measured, ensuring sustainability across the business.


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