Real-time eCommerce analytics, insights, and strategic recommendations pinpoint how to improve daily performance across your sales channels.

For Brands

  • Your brands' estimated share of category sales on Amazon
  • Competitive product launches and promotions
  • Missing (or non-compliant) product content
  • Sub-optimal retailer search or category positioning
  • Unavailable or out-of-stock products

For Retailers


  • Your product assortment versus competitors
  • Prices and promotions versus competitors
  • Longer-term price gaps & trends


  • Build and protect brand equity with real-time analytics on your brands' presence and performance at the digital shelf
  • Increase sales and margins with competitive price intelligence

About the Company

Everywhere you look, eCommerce is booming—loudly. By the end of 2015, 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores will be influenced by digital interactions*, and projected online consumer spending will be $1.672 trillion worldwide, or 7.3% of total global retail sales**.

That’s a big “triple-wow.” But unfortunately, for all the growth—and for all the tools available to retailers and brands for managing the digital shelf—there are precious few ways for them to generate the strategic insights that drive decisive, successful action.

That’s why, more than five years ago, a team of ex-Google and IBM Watson engineers got together to solve one big problem: giving retailers and brands the monitoring and analytic tools they needed (but didn’t have) for maximizing their eCommerce performance and driving sales.

Our founders could see what retailers and brands were seeing for themselves—that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. It was clear these companies were operating in a vacuum, moving from one campaign to another without the necessary insights for understanding how they benchmarked against competitors online, or for optimizing eCommerce pricing, product content integrity, and retailer search rankings. Ignorance is not bliss.

Something had to change. And our team was the one to change it.

At heart, we’re a team of data scientists who love eCommerce. We’re builders, too. In fact, we can definitively say we’re built the industry’s most scalable eCommerce measurement and management solution—all with one overriding goal in mind: to help retailers and brands improve their performance. Optimal performance is a thing of beauty, and we and our clients are working together every day to make it a reality. At Profitero, we:

*Navigating the New Digital Divide

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