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ProfitWalk is a New Generation of what was called StoreWalk Compliance Checklists. The Bottom Line is: ProfitWalk is where Data and Best Practices are Operationalized in a Web-Based Environment to help Managers to Run Better Stores. ProfitWalk empowers store managers with data driven best practices in the form of prescriptive action alerts in Plain English to help improve inventory productivity an average of 12%, reduce shrink loss by up to 18%, mitigate Out of Stocks by up to 20%, and grow sales - for a combined, guaranteed, annualized 3:1 ROI in just 12 weeks.ProfitWalk utilizes 280+ Operational Data Points and Correlates them to Behavioral Causes to give Operators Answers & Direction to Fix Store Performance Shortfalls. Only ProfitWalk is Designed for Operators Covering All Store Departments to Assure Specified Best Practices are Followed on a Daily Basis to Optimize Sales and Mitigate Shrink Loss. ProfitWalk is a True Prescriptive Analytics and Exception-Based Reporting Solution that Guides Anyone Responsible for Store Performance to Walk, Understand and Take Action to Improve Store Conditions for Profitable Selling.


Smart Retail Solutions is a team a retail experts that has developed the only software that guarantees ROI, focuses users on profit improvement, naturally holds managers accountable for their actions, and delivers both 10-18% shrink reduction and 20% improved inventory productivity for a 25% profit boost in less than six months.  Find out more about us or watch a quick video

We help retailers Operate Smarter to Run Better Stores

About the Company

Smart Retail Solutions (SRS) and its experienced dream team of Operations Experts guarantees retailer profit improvement and ROI for progressive retailers by training managers to transform their daily practices by using smart technology that enables data-driven best practices. The SRS Team understands that people and their behaviors are at the heart of successful store operations, which is why they provide the only human centered business intelligence software solutions for retail. Team SRS sums up their retailer success formula as: People + Analytics + Practices = Profit Improvement. 

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