Promotional Products

Promotional Products

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The first rule of beverage promotion – get them to try it. We design all sorts of promotional eye-candy that can get attention on-premise, off-premise and at point-of-sale. Bars, restaurants, events, and retail outlets are our favorite places to play.

Awareness: IMC designs promotional items that are specifically geared to the beverage industry. We design event and on-premise promotional give-a-ways that get your brand noticed!

Consumer Engagement: Promotional solutions that trigger an emotional connection between consumer and brand, increase engagement and stimulate trial. Get them to remember with a unique approach!

Point of Sale: IMC’s point-of-sale promotional beverage products give your brand the ability to stand out in the crowd.


  • Be seen – they cannot love you unless they can find you.
  • Be memorable – with unique promotional products.
  • For over 20 years, IMC has developed custom promotional products and solutions. Two decades of experience and direct importing at your service.

About the Company

For over 20 years, Innovative Marketing Consultants (IMC) has developed unique promotional solutions. We are experienced direct importers of customized promotional products and turnkey, service based products. Two decades of experience at your service.

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