Proximity Engagement Solutions

Proximity Engagement Solutions

Blue Sense Networks


WORLD'S LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF CUSTOM IBEACON HARDWARE: Our BlueBar beacons are best in class iBeacon certified beacons, that are also available in volume and can be rebranded to match your company identity

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth Smart Ready enabled smartphones
  • Battery and USB options available
  • Fully configurable over-the-air
  • Secure firmware to ensure tamper-free operation and denial of service protection
  • Multiple certifications (CE, FCC, IC etc.)
  • Long range models available with 200m+ of range
  • Free White labeling service
  • In stock and Shipping Worldwide

IBEACON MANAGEMENT AND ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM.: ProximitySense – our cloud platform for iBeacon management and engagement is also the best tool to get your apps enabled with proximity and micro-location technology

  • Enterprise level engagement platform for everyone
  • Built by developers for developers
  • Remote Monitoring and Management of beacon installations
  • Proximity Campaign designer
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Connect social graph and gain unprecedented insight into your users’ behaviour
  • RESTful API
  • Tailored enterprise solutions available

DEVELOPMENT TOOLS AND SDKS.: We are constantly working on a growing number of tools to help developers build iBeacon micro-location enabled apps. Our mission is to build a strong developer community to lower the bar for iBeacon and micro-location technology adoption.

  • Mobile SDKs for beacon configuration and access to ProximitySense RESTful API
  • Samples for iBeacon apps for both iOS and Android
  • Open source on GitHub
  • Configuration app source code is available to help integration into existing products
  • Budding mobile app developer community


  • Proximity Advertising
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Places of Interest
  • Museums and Exhibits
  • Smart Signage
  • Home Automation

About the Company

Blue Sense Networks is the UK leading iBeacon Hardware and Software Manufacturer.

With the biggest range of Hardware Beacons available "Worldwide" and a powerful Proximity engagement Cloud based platform we help enterprises collect, analyse and organize their world's data coming from proximity sources.

We provide iBeacon Software and Hardware solutions for Asset and Labor tracking,  Conferences and Events, Retail Proximity marketing and Kid Security.

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