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QUORiON's point of sale software and comes pre-installed on all QUORiON products. QMP remains truly unique with its multi-purpose approach, because it supports virtually any type of business whether you run a retail store, a food service operation, or a bakery. There is no boundary between industries, which allows for cross over business models, i.e. running a restaurant with a merchandise store, for instance.


  • QMP 18, QTouch 8, QMP 2044, QTouch 10, QTouch 12, QMP 2164, QTouch 12, QTouch 15B, QMP 2164, and QTouch 15B.

About the Company

From tablets and mobile apps to the latest generation of touch-screen POS systems, cutting-edge technology is rapidly changing the way stores and restaurants handle transactions… 

And as the markets you service change and expand to embrace these technologies, you need access to reliable, flexible point-of-sale solutions that can be adapted to any situation… anywhere on the map. 

That’s why we’d like to introduce ourselves… we’re a premiere manufacturer of electronic cash registers and point-of-sale systems… 

From small, fiscal cash registers and advanced touch-screen point-of-sale systems to mobile-ordering solutions for Android-based tablets and Smartphones… Quorion combines globally recognized German quality and service, unmatched design and configuration flexibility, and rapid product delivery to bring you maximum return-on-investment… 

Delivering advanced POS hardware and integrated software solutions guaranteed to uniquely meet your market needs… and expertly adapted to conform to stringent fiscal laws worldwide.

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