Quality P-O-P Displays

Quality P-O-P Displays

New Dimensions Research Corp.


In-store programs that function for any brand's two most important audiences – retailers and consumers.

The retail environment is the most coveted advertising space in marketing today. New Dimensions Research understands the nuances of trade channels and their individual chains. NDR has demonstrated expertise in account and retail specific market serving as the conduit between leading brands and retailers.

One Stop Shopping eliminates transitions from one vendor to the next, eliminating the potential for mistakes in handoffs that can cost precious dollars and time. NDR offers a set of capabilities unique to the point-of- purchase advertising arena – all processes under one roof from project concept to display delivery. With integrated processes housed in our 154,000 square foot, Melville, NY-based facility, NDR guarantees clients?control over cost, production and delivery schedules.


  • Translate Both Shopper and Retailer Insights Into Sales Driving In-Store Displays and Merchandising.
  • NDR combines retail knowledge with shopper insights that are key to positioning brands in-store.
  • Logistics expertise that extends through to retail means no distribution headaches for you.

About the Company

NDR delivers award-winning design and engineering, quality manufacturing and legendary service combined with keen shopper and retailer insights. This combination of creative and executional expertise has led the world’s top brands to trust NDR with positioning their products in-store.

Since 1959, New Dimensions Research has been recognized as one of the leading full-service designers and manufacturers of the state- of-the-art point-of-purchase programs. NDR has amassed more than 150 awards for merchandising design and marketing, been named “One of the Top 500 Store Fixture Manufacturers” by Display and Design Ideas Magazine and recognized consistently as one of the Top 50 P-O-P Companies by Creative Magazine.

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