Predictive layer


Quartz is Predictive Layer automated machine learning platform to Profile, Predict future behaviors of consumers or business systems.

The Predictive layer platform leverage automatically its unique and innovative machine learning artificial intelligence to learn from all the big data collected by the customer system.
It classifies and understands the key characteristics of the users, and its predicts the probability of these profiles to demonstrate a certain target behavior.

It will for example detect:

  • Future churners of a service
  • Interest to buy new products for up-sell or cross-sell for telecom, retail, bank or insurance
  • Risk of fraud into payment or commerce transaction
  • Efficiency factors of an insurance processes

While it analyses the customer system with all the collected big data, Quartz is also connected to multiple sources of external open data which bring more learnings and accuracy.


  • The predicting platform is fully automated and it does not require special mathematical expertise
  • It is implementing a set of innovative high performance artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms
    • Security
    • Reliability
    • Scalability
    • Privacy
    • Confidentiality

Predictive Layer IT & Software implementation can be deployed automatically at your convenience on a secured cloud based services or directly in your enterprise data center.

  •  Business owners can bring in their own data and indicators, and they receive the results of their predictions via APIs or via a web service user interface
  •  So you can simply learn from the smart big data, anticipate your opportunities & challenges and take the right action plan before competition!

About the Company

Predictive Layer provides automated Big Data predictive analytics with machine learning and open data embedded access. By using next generation artificial intelligence algorithms in predicting time evolution (time series), profiling & targeting of customers, Crystal and Genius platforms allow to forecast your key business and industry indicators. 

By focusing the data scientists on their core business (and not on mathematics), Predictive Layer allows its customers to build and operate accurate and reliable forecast models. It leverages automatically the available industry data and it is operated in a flexible cloud or on premises infrastructure. 

It is already delivering superior results in Energy, Telecom, Financial Services, Logistics & freight sectors.

With smart, better and reliable forecasts of your business, you will take the right operating action plan earlier and leapfrog your competition.​

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