QuickBooks® Accounting Software Integration

QuickBooks® Accounting Software Integration



Exchange information between GiftLogic and QuickBooks® Pro eliminating costly double entry and improving accuracy. Keep a better watch on your bottom line with the value of data exchange. 

Select date(s) to send to QuickBooks® Pro. Review sales transactions, journal entries, and customer/vendor data prior to export. 


  • Customer/vendor information.
  • Taxable/non-taxable sales.
  • Shipping & other charges.

About the Company

GiftLogic's parent company, Merry Mechanization, Inc. (MMI), was founded in 1979. And to this day MMI continues to be a leading global software solution provider. MMI users range in size from small local businesses to Fortune 500 international corporations. For over 35 years MMI has continued to offer great products with excellent service and support. 

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