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Acumen It’s time to propel customer insights into the modern age with Acumen, our flagship e-commerce analytics suite. Only Acumen provides the essential, actionable intelligence needed to accurately understand your business, customers, and competition. 

The Largest e-commerce Panel

More than 5 million online shoppers under measurement.

  • Actual Shopping Behavior

    Completely accurate, directly captured from e-receipts.

  • Across all Retailers, over Time

    A complete view of e-commerce, at the consumer level.

Marketplace As more online sales are attributed to marketplace sellers, brands are losing control of how they're being sold and marketed online. Acumen Marketplace illuminates this blind spot, and helps brands understand the true demand for their products across all channels. 

  • Measure Third-Party Sales

    Direct sales are shrinking. Your data doesn’t have to.

  • Real Time Data

    Accurate, complete, and at your fingertips.

  • Across all Marketplaces

    A complete view from e-commerces largest marketplaces.

Signals If disruption isn’t at your door, it’s on the way. We scan billions of transactional emails to offer an early warning system about companies and brands that are gaining momentum--so you can take action before they become competitors, or before it’s too late. 

  • Disruption Detector 

    Spot companies on an upward trend and which users are driving sales performance.

  • Competitive Concierge

    Gain visibility into the entire e-commerce landscape with unrivaled coverage, whether you’re evaluating categories or specific competitor brands.

  • Innovation Investment

    Take action on emerging industries and small players on the cusp of explosive growth.

Alpha Detect early market signals with purchase data parsed directly from billions of e-receipts. With an immediate, accurate read on the performance of public and private companies, you'll see market movements faster and more clearly than ever before. 

  • Rich Transactional Data Feeds

    Weekly, product-level data, plugged into your platform. 

  • Industry and Ticker Reports

    Tailor-made reports, delivered in an intuitive online interface.

  • Custom Reporting and Modules

Custom reporting on industry specific metrics and competitors. 

Direct Data

Get Rakuten Intelligence's High-Definition data delivered directly into your reporting platform on a weekly basis to power smarter marketing decisions and product strategies. It’s our data, the way you want it. 

  • Big Data, Bigger Panel

    Comprehensive transcation data from 5 million online shoppers.

  • Extensive Industry Coverage

    Coverage from 2013 onward, spanning 30+ industry categories.

  • Specialized Verticals

    Emerging businesses in travel, transportation, and more.


Acumen Uncover the rich insights and complex narratives that drive the evolution of the online marketplace with tailored behavioral reports created just for you. Our custom analyses provide in-depth insights you need, specific to your business and buyers.

  • Loyalty & Cross Purchase

Improve marketing strategy with rich, behavioral data. 

  • Trial & Repeat

Measure the health of new products and merchant launches. 

  • Source of Volume & Switching

Understand how shoppers move across brands and merchants. 

  • Shopper Conversion

Increase share of wallet by converting category buyers.

  • Basket Occasion

Maximize buyer spend and discover affinities.

  • Even More Custom Insights

Let our analytics team put our data to work for you.

Marketplace A Complete View of Sales. What you don't know can hurt you. Third-party sellers are eating your lunch and mixing up your marketing mix. Pricing, promotion, and placement is up for grabs as marketplaces grow in popularity and consumers favor convenience over price.

  • Third-Party Sales

    Direct sales are shrinking. Stay ahead of the curve.

  • Brand Hygiene

    Protect your brand from incorrect descriptions.

  • Brand Policing

    Identify counterfeit or expired products being sold.

  • Keep your Customers

    Identify where third-parties are undercutting brands.

  • Sales Drivers

    Improve your SEM and product merchandizing.

  • Demographic Drivers

    Third-party sellers are growing. Grow with them.

Signals Be the first to act on the latest trends.  Signals measures the velocity of growth of online brands and retailers. We use data from transactional emails to quickly flag growth trends, and to understand the buyer behavior behind the performances of rising upstarts. Using machine algorithms, Signals tracks new players in your industry that are gaining momentum. This enables you to keep tabs on how well prospects or competitors are performing, and take action early.

  • Track user growth

    Monitor online user growth as a compelling proxy for company performance

  • Identify acquisition targets

    Track performance of rising upstarts, and take action early

  • Spot disruptive trends

    Quickly identify disruptive trends

  • The largest e-commerce panel

    More than 5 million online shoppers under measurement

  • Cross-category benchmarking

    Measure companies of interest against industry or competitor averages

  • Longitudinal data

    Observe changes in consumer loyalty and product adoption

Alpha The largest panel of online shoppers anywhere. Rakuten Intelligence offers complete visibility into all online transactions, at the item level, tied to the consumer. This data set includes emerging ride and home sharing services as well as digital media usage from 5 million online shoppers.

  • Every Online Merchant

    Data from thousands of online sellers, both public and private.

  • Unrivaled Detail

    Granular transaction data, with industry-specific categorization.

  • Pre-Earnings Trends

    Get ahead of earnings with timely data from millions of consumers.

  • Representative

    Demographics accurately reflect the entire online shopping population.

  • Longitudinal Data

    Predict the market with multiple years of historical consumer data. 

  • Custom Insights

    Refine your insights with custom reports and add-on modules.

Direct Data Weekly data, plugged into your platform. Rakuten Intelligence offers complete visibility into all online purchases. This rich, longitudinal data set includes the adoption of emerging services such as ride and home sharing, as well as digital media consumption.

  • Timely

    Act on market moves as soon as they happen. 

  • Longitudinal

    Observe changes in consumer loyalty and product adoption.

  • Behavioral Insights

    Monitor and identify changes in consumer preferences. 

  • Demographics

    Understand the market through the eyes of the consumer. 

  • Product-Level

    Precise attributes, with industry-specific categorization.

  • Custom Fields & Modules

    Tune our data to measure what drives your business.

About the Company

Slice Intelligence is now Rakuten Intelligence. Rakuten, which means “optimism” in Japanese, synonymous with e-commerce and innovation. Our new name allows us to leverage the global power of Rakuten: a brand that has 1.2 billion users around the world.

We will continue to offer the trusted data and insights that the leading brands, retailers, investors, and media rely on to better understand e-commerce, with the most complete and accurate view of the online shopper from the world’s largest online-shopper panel. We look forward to working with you.

Rakuten Intelligence is the only direct measurement of all digital commerce activity and customer loyalty. By collecting and cataloging actual shopping behaviors from online shoppers in the wild, Rakuten Intelligence precisely measures what others have only been able to approximate, revealing new insights about online shoppers and their behaviors.

This intelligence gives our clients unparalleled insights about everything their customers buy, over time, independent of retailer or device.

Rakuten Intelligence comes from a methodology developed at Stanford that measures and catalogs all online purchases made by a panel comprised of more than two million consumers. This refined data collection method enables impeccable, near real-time data.

Rakuten Intelligence is led by a team of measurement industry executives who have brought some of the most innovative and successful digital measurement products to market. It is a division of Rakuten Slice and is based in San Mateo, California.

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