rapitag is taking classical EAS (Electronic-Article-Surveillance) hardtags and payment processes in retail to another level by offering the world’s first patented security tag that can open itself automatically by using smart materials. We are bringing secure 1-click-buying to the retail floor, eliminating queuing and creating a new omnichannel shopping experience. 

With no need for a checkout counter or terminal, customers can simply hold their smartphones next to a rapitag attached to a shirt or digital camera, pay within the app, remove the tag and leave the store without ever waiting in a queue. 4 easy steps: Scan, Pay, Remove & Go. Everywhere and anytime in the store. 

Scan the tag

  • Hold your smartphone next to the tag attached to an apparel.

Pay mobile

  • Pay within the app.

Release the tag

  • Remove the tag after your payment.


  • Leave the store without waiting in a queue.



  • Simple and fast checkout process to reduce cart abandonment and induce impulse purchases.

More shopping area

  • Reduce terminals and checkout space to present more products in a better way.

Increasing sales

  • Know your customers and promote the right products to the right target group to the right time.

Satisfied customers

  • Customers have never to wait in queues anymore. Happy customers are loyal customers.

Cost saving

  • Re-allocate cashiers from behind the register to provide a better customer experience.

Linking online & offline customers

  • True omnichannel experience though connected customer data, empower retail 4.0.

About the Company

Munich-based company rapitag is the leading technology provider for secure mobile check out processes on the retail floor. rapitag is revolutionizing the customer experience by replacing the classic electronic article surveillance (EAS) with the world’s first patented anti-theft system and bringing 1-click purchases into retail stores. The intelligent IoT solution of the leading Munich company is 100% manufactured in Germany and meets the highest German security standards. rapitag creates a new omnichannel shopping experience

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