Real-Time Delivery by Flying Robots

Real-Time Delivery by Flying Robots



Instant drone delivery isn’t the future - it's happening now. We have pioneered the technology and the logistics, and now we’re future-proofing delivery systems around the globe. Soon, Flirtey drones in the sky will look as normal as delivery trucks on the road - and retail, quick service restaurants and humanitarian efforts will be changed forever.


  • We conducted the first FAA-approved drone deliveries in America.
  • Flirtey is reinventing the delivery experience for urgent medical supplies, online retail and food delivery.
  • We have achieved lift-off.

About the Company

Flirtey is launching an unmanned aerial delivery service to smartphones. We develop autonomous robots capable of delivering packages to your GPS location from a warehouse, restaurant, or other launch location. Our technology enables secure and safe operations at scale.

We’re going to make delivery possible for everyone - small business, emergency medical and rescue, e-commerce, even peer-to-peer. We’re building an industry, not just a company.

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