Real-Time Rainfall Prediction

Real-Time Rainfall Prediction



Real-time information about rainfall spatial and temporal patterns are fundamental in many fields, such as civil protection, precision farming, transport safety, or outdoor sports. Traditional rain gauging networks, however, are usually too sparse to gather robust and precise information about rain. This is why we developed the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to collect large amount of rainfall data, in real time and with the same accuracy of traditional rain gauges. Its name is IR2.


  • PRECISE: Thanks to detailed historical rainfall data you can schedule irrigation only when (and where) you need it, depending on the crop
  • WATER FOOTPRINT: Up to 70% of freshwater in the world is used in agriculture: a better management of this resource (which depends on rain) may lighten your water footprint
  • ORGANIC: Pest life cycles are closely related to rain. By knowing where, when and how much it rains you can apply treatments only to the necessary extent

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We count every dropwhich fall on your crop.

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