Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring



The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) is increasing the focus on operations and quality control for every U.S. food processing plant, distribution company, and supplier. Food-borne illnesses have been attracting increasing media attention. Maintaining your products at a correct temperature is a critical control point at every stage of the food cold chain.

TeleSenseTM real-time monitoring solutions can help your company with third party temperature verification, FSMA compliance, and quality assurance so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your products are safe.


Comprehensive temperature monitoring for every stage of the cold chain.

  • Source: Start temperature compliance at the earliest stage of the food chain.
  • Production + Processing: No more manual temperature checking.
  • Storage: Know the temperature everywhere in your facility, all the time.
  • Transportation: Track temperature and location and alert drivers if there's a problem.
  • Market: Ensure high quality for your customers and prevent food spoilage.

About the Company

TeleSense is a Silicon Valley-based Internet of Things (IoT) company providing cost-effective environmental monitoring and control solutions with the goal of increasing efficiency and public safety. Our self-configuring hardware can be deployed in minutes to sense environmental conditions in real time, generating alerts that can help maintain health and safety standards, prevent disasters, cut costs, and save lives. TeleSense products are customizable and scalable, with a wide variety of applications including temperature and cold chain monitoring, FDA/USDA compliance, energy optimization, and predictive maintenance.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.