Relay: Autonomous Robot Helpers

Relay: Autonomous Robot Helpers



Meet Relay. Just as his name suggests, our robot autonomously relays items between people. His first application is in the hospitality industry, relaying items from staff to guests.​ 

Relay Delivers to Logistics 

Increase Productivity. Decrease Waste. Boost Quality.

Relay is the safest, most secure autonomous indoor delivery robot for the busy, dynamic environments of logistics and manufacturing. A single-piece-flow solution, Relay autonomously navigates through busy work areas and down narrow aisles, even those too tight for mobile racks, to deliver higher employee satisfaction and more efficient and uniform workflow. 

Relay Delivers to High-Rise 

Fast, Convenient, Personal Delivery-24 Hours a Day.

From take-out to contracts, lattes to flowers, Relay spoils tenants of high-rise apartments or offices with immediate, secure delivery right to their door. Relay happily works weekends and holidays, delighting residents and supporting staff with every delivery. 

Relay Delivers to Hospitality 

Delighting Guests. Helping Staff. Boosting Revenue.

Count on Relay to handle the time-consuming task of room deliveries quickly, safely, and reliably. Able to operate elevators and navigate crowds, Relay increases revenue and productivity while improving the guest experience.


  • Delight: Relay improves guest satisfaction by reliably delivering delight. He's sophisticated on the inside yet fun on the outside.
  • Empower: Relay securely and efficiently delivers items to hotel guests, enabling hotel staff to provide better customer service.
  • Relay has completed over 13,000 autonomous deliveries.  

Relay Delivers to Logistics Benefits

  • Rugged, fast, and reliable
  • Rich, real-time metrics
  • Long battery life, recharges itself
  • Autonomous elevator operation
  • Trackable chain of custody
  • 24/7 service and support included  

A Focus on Quality

Reliable, trackable, and fast, Relay eliminates the frustration of slow, often erroneous delivery methods, allowing technicians to focus on their core tasks without distraction. 

Just-In-Time Delivery

Relay lowers inventory expenses and reduces waste by delivering materials, tools, and other items as they are needed rather than bundling orders. The result is smoother workflow and higher quality. 

Reducing Turn-Over

When skilled technicians are pushing carts, productivity is lost and job satisfaction is affected.  Let Relay handle the tedious chore of delivery so workers can focus on more valuable, rewarding work.

Relay Delivers to High-Rise Solution Benefits 

  • Safe, dynamic navigation
  • Autonomous elevator operation
  • Fast, reliable, secure
  • Lockable payload
  • Long battery life, recharges itself
  • Easy to learn and use
  • 24/7 service & support included 

Trust and Security

When valuable or confidential items must reach a resident, Relay's lockable payload and trackable navigation ensures those deliveries arrive securely and intact. And Relay provides a level of security within your property that only a robot can offer. 

The Ultimate Amenity

Having Relay on your team delivers convenience to your tenants, satisfaction to your staff, and attention to your property.  Relay delivery is a cost-effective innovation that boosts awareness while increasing efficiency. 

More Than Convenience

Relay is the solution to the ever-increasing demand for faster delivery. Remarkably reliable and always friendly, Relay can improve delivery time and offer delivery when the option wasn't available before.

Relay Delivers to Hospitality -At Your Service Benfits

  • Safe, dynamic navigation
  • Autonomous elevator operation
  • Fast, reliable, secure
  • Lockable payload
  • Long battery life, recharges itself
  • Easy to learn and use
  • 24/7 service & support included 

No Tip Required

Relay delivers everything from food and beverages to linens and toothpaste directly to the guest room. More than convenience, Relay delivers the highest level of reliability and security. 

An Experience Worth Sharing

Studies confirm, TripAdvisor scores and social media reviews directly effect hotel occupancy and RevPAR. That's where Relay can help.  A social media magnet, Relay inspires guests to share positive posts and reviews about your property. 

Happy Staff = Happy Guests

Over 80% of hotel staff say Relay makes them more effective and more satisfied with their job. By taking over the time consuming task of guest room deliveries, Relay lets your team focus on the job of creating a positive guest experience.

About the Company

Savioke (pronounced "savvy oak") is creating autonomous robot helpers for the services industry. The Savioke team is passionate about delivering easy-to-use yet sophisticated robots that can help people. Savioke is the leader in developing and deploying peer-to-peer robots that work in human environments to improve people’s lives. The company’s flagship product, Relay, is a beautifully simple yet sophisticated delivery robot that increases productivity, revenue, and delight for people across a range of markets, industries, and applications.

We are committed to measurably improving people's lives by creating and deploying beautifully simple. sophisticated, and friendly service robots that work safely, securely, and reliably in human environments.

We love what we do.  We treat our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our partners with respect and dignity. We work closely as a team with kindness and support while holding each other to a high level of responsibility and performance, so we can achieve great things. 

We believe in the power of open source software. We leverage and contribute back to the Robot Operating System (ROS) that we helped to develop at Willow Garage, which is maintained by the Open Source Robotics Foundation and a worldwide community of developers.

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