ACCEO Tender Retail


ACCEO Tender Retail Manager is a unique transaction-management solution which, when combined with the Tender Retail solution, offers the advantages of both a centralized and a decentralized payment system.


ACCEO Tender Retail Manager is designed to offer you a centralized configurator for your decentralized payment system. It enables a variety of centralized operations. With it, you can:

  • Create “update packages” for upload to PIN Pads;
  • Update and deploy configuration of all the components of the payment solution;
  • Manage and deploy new PIN Pad firmware versions (for PIN Pad providers and processors which allow this);
  • Schedule uploading and global activation of updates;
  • Perform immediate uploading of updates;
  • Perform roll-backs to previous versions;
  • Manage and deploy new payment software releases.

About the Company

Tender Retail, a division of ACCEO Solutions, has been optimizing retailers’ performance with its premier middleware and solutions. Tender Retail’s software and expertise have positioned the organization at the forefront of the highly complex payment industry. Tender Retail was the first industry player to implement the EMV chip card system in Canada. Today, over 60% of Canadian retailers using integrated systems use Tender Retail technology. With US retailers now migrating to EMV, Tender Retail has now been focused on an aggressive expansion plan into the US, and has been achieving tremendous growth.

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