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Repair Tabs

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Our most popular Hi-Impact Tabs are different: faster to use, greener, and with a patented innovative design and format for quickest in-store use with increased productivity.

Hi-Impact Tabs are faster to use because they are available in our unique Quick-to-Grab format which makes them faster to peel and use. In addition, these roll models are slug-free which makes them even faster to use.


  • Singles, Rolls, Clusters, and Pre-cut singles on a roll.

About the Company

Hi-Impact Products was founded in 1992 by Carl Pomerantz. As a professional structural engineer, with a formal background in production quantitative methods and statistical quality control analysis, Carl had been a consultant for several multi-nationals. Carl sought to apply his knowledge and experience to building a family business. Initially setting up in his garage, Carl began by working closely with neighbourhood stores, in the design and manufacture of improved POP products. 

Over the next few years, we opened our plant, and national retail chains were added to the client list. In 1998, a European arm was aligned, based in the Netherlands, to service overseas clients. 

As the customer list expanded, so too did our product line, patents, and our key management personnel. In 1995, Carl's wife Ronda Fisher joined full time, bringing her strong formal background in accounting and business administration, marketing, and group/team behavioural dynamics. 

Alain Perette joined the team in 2001 and, as a former store manager (and Hi-Impact customer!), his retailing experience enables us to even more intimately understand our clients' needs. Next, Candice Lewis, with an exceptional background in customer service, systems and export control, retail, and production, came on board to greatly enhance and round out our team. Our team approach is to meld our diverse expertise with the needs of our clients. All our products are designed, worked and reworked by Carl and our development team, with thought, inputs and suggestions from our customers and store associates. 

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