Replenishment Module

Replenishment Module

RTC Group


Advanced Replenishment Module (ARM) is an enhancement to the statistical methodology of MMS® Auto Replenishment. It allows you to significantly increase the accuracy of the replenishment formula while substantially decreasing the manual effort to manage JDA®'s MMS replenishment. The enhancements provide workflow improvement and increased productivity.


  • Automatic creations and management of Store/Class level seasonality profiles.
  • New SKUs default to their Store/Class profile.
  • Item chain forecast for Statistical Replenishment utilizes a new rolling 12 months class distribution allocation table to automatically breakdown an item's chain level forecast to an item's store level forecast.

About the Company

The RTC Group is a recognized leader in the retail solutions marketplace with over 22 years of experience. Recently RTC Group solutions agreed to merge and form the largest independent software development and consulting company that specializes in store systems products licensed by JDA Software Group®. The combination of RTC's retail experience and JDA MMS expertise, and comprehensive JDA and WinDSS capabilities; provides MMS retailers with an organization focused on enhancing their current environments and meeting their demands today, while developing bridges to the feature rich solutions of tomorrow.

Our team is comprised of former retail executives and business owners who really know the retail industry. Our goal is to provide cost effective products and solutions that keep retail IT systems healthy and functioning at the most efficient levels. We have tethered our brand changes to a doctor theme, with the tagline "The MD of Retail IT".

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