Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS



SALIDO powers the future of restaurant operations with one interconnected system, empowering your business to control, analyze, and leverage it’s critical data. One Platform. One Login.

SALIDO knows your pain when it comes to restaurant software. Too many log-ins. Outdated software. Siloed data. Complicated systems. Created by a team of hospitality and technology experts, SALIDO is building solution to simplify your day-to-day operations by combining all that you need into one cohesive platform. This will allow you to focus on what is truly important: Your customers.


  • CLEAN, INTUITIVE INTERFACE: SALIDO was designed and built to have robust functionality for the best experience possible. Our world-class user interface ensures that you can optimize your business operations.
  • YOUR DATA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The rOS is taking all of the tools neccessary to run your operations and putting them under one roof. We know your time is incredibly valuable so SALIDO allows your team to be as efficient as possible.

About the Company

SALIDO powers the future of restaurant operations. SALIDO is more than a POS, it’s an rOS: a restaurant operating system that manages every aspect of the business. Our product enables restaurants to control, analyze and leverage their own critical data allowing them to focus on what drives their core business: the customer experience. 

We are a product-focused team with our clients’ needs in clear view as we build this innovative technology. We are passionate about creating a world-class system that puts power in the hands of restaurant owners, enabling them to run successful and profitable businesses.

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