Retail and Merchandising Services

Retail and Merchandising Services

SPAR Group, Inc.


SPAR executes over 3 million retail merchandising visits every year with consistent 98%+ on-time quality completions. SPAR retail merchandising services encompass a full range of sales enhancing on-going and project services including: Continuity Programs, “Click & Collect” Support Services, Dedicated Programs, Fixture Installations, Maintenance and Trait Reporting, Inventory Services, Kiosk replenishment and service, New Store Sets/Remodels, Planogram Maintenance, Promotion, POP, Display and End Cap Installations/Set-ups.


  • Demonstrate ROI.
  • Ongoing management of all categories and hundred of SKU's.
  • Replace current merchandising supplier for 3,000 independent retailers.

About the Company

SPAR Group is the world's foremost international in-store merchandising firm. SPAR has locations in more than nine countries and has built a team of clients worth several billion dollars. The company provides merchandising services to grocery, drug store, and other retail outlets. Our 8,500+ specialized merchandisers in the United States are ready to increase your sales and profits by providing all the important hands-on work for your business.

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