Retail Consultants

Retail Consultants

Davidowitz & Associates, Inc.


The Davidowitz & Associates team has generated significant capital for transactions and has performed hundreds of engagements in almost every area of a retail enterprise.


  • Develop business plans for profitability and growth.
  • Review merchandise mix and yield.
  • Evaluate merchandise planning and control role and procedures.

About the Company

Davidowitz & Associates is one of the most successful firms in its niche providing consulting and investment banking services to the retail industry since 1981.  Our focus is on strategic management, acquisitions and divestitures, restructuring and ownership transactions.

Howard Davidowitz, Chairman and sole stockholder, has extensive experience as a representative of buyers and sellers, and as a principal, in upper and middle market transactions.  He has helped clients to identify, value, finance and negotiate deals across a broad range of retail segments.

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