Retail Consulting

Retail Consulting



Create Winning Strategies: We help create winning strategies for retailers and suppliers to the retailing industry. We are experienced in guiding companies through the strategic planning process to achieve fresh insights and solutions. 

Optimize the Customer Experience: We help companies develop a unique, consistent and sustainable customer experience that aligns strategy and positioning with execution to win with customers. Our combination of proprietary analytical frameworks and deep expertise helps clients identify opportunities to enhance and differentiate their ongoing relationship with their target customers.

Develop New Concepts: We lead the development of innovative retail concepts, formats and programs. We have developed ground-up prototypes, refined existing concepts, and created successful programs, shops and departments within stores.

Analyze and Improve Performance: We evaluate and optimize retail concepts, strategies, and businesses. This includes feasibility assessment of startups and new concepts, performance improvement for existing concepts, and due diligence activities as part of mergers and acquisitions.

Intelligence: We provide critical research, information and insights on the retail industry.


  • Our expertise and process applies across all retail and service segments (food, hard lines, soft lines) and to all channels of retailing.

About the Company

McMillanDoolittle is a Chicago-based retail consultancy specializing in converting insights into successful retail strategies. We work across retailing on strategy, concept development and performance improvement for retailers and suppliers. We have recently published our second book, Greentailing and Other Revolutions in Retail.

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