Retail Decor Specialists

Retail Decor Specialists



Product Catalog: Our selection of stock products are guaranteed to help you stand out in the marketplace. Our standard products include: Check Stand Lights, Gooseneck Bars, Navigational Signage, Aisle End Caps and Product Bins. Our stock products will bring an increased sense of pride and excitement to your store. An addition or update with these key décor pieces will help improve the overall image of your store, allowing you to better connect with your customers. You can also view our portfolio and case studies portfolio.

Store In A Box: “Store In A Box” is the perfect solution if you want to keep your store remodel simple and inexpensive. Our “Store In A Box” packages are pre-designed décor options you can install yourself, saving you time and money. With 6 different packages to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your unique brand and style.

Custom Design & Services: We recognize the importance of standing out from your competition, which is why we are always researching new ideas to bring you fresh, relevant and memorable designs. We will take you through a pre-design process and development procedure to ensure that you receive high-quality, custom décor that will reflect your unique story.


  • We are passionate about grocery store decor. We know your image and story matters.
  • We strengthen your image by customizing your store décor to reflect your story, brand and demographics. 
  • We believe in the independent grocer.  We drive and fly countless miles around the United States meeting you personally, have lively brainstorming sessions through the design process and hold ourselves to the highest standards of creativity and craftsmanship.

About the Company

Decorworx is an innovative start-to-finish retail decor supplier. The company provides design, engineering, manufacturing and installation services. Decorworx can step in at any stage to work seamlessly with construction crews and sub contractors or complete the entire remodel process.

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